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Is it too hard to work on?

There is a video named, “Try to Watch without Crying” uploaded by XEDV on Oct race track18, 2011 to You should watch it!

It is an amazingly extra-ordinary video of a runner Derek Redmond, who had participated in the Barcelona 92 Olympics. He had seriously injured himself during the race and despite an agonizing pain which we could feel in our hearts through our tear filled eyes, he ran; limping, a bit stumbling, crying and taking the support of his father.  He had ended up as the symbol of the true Olympian at the standing ovation of 65,000 audiences at the stadium.

I had tried, I tried to “watch without crying”, but I couldn’t!

It’s the classic case of an amazingly spectacular persistence capability and the great power of self discipline. A capacity to forge forward, focusing only towards your achieving of the target, irrespective of your emotions, pains, discomforts, distractions and disturbances. That’s precisely what is called as self discipline.

Self Discipline can be exercised with regard to any part of your life and or on any decision you take; if your aim is to become the next head of your company, if your aim is to make you child to stand at the top of his class, if you aim is to reduce your weight, if your aim is to become the best sprinter at your college, if your aim is to keep a smooth relationship with your extended family and if your aim is to … (you should fill in the blanks here)

It’s exactly like the sprinter springs forward running towards the marked mark on the moment he hears the whistle, without stopping for any pain, circumstances, disturbances and distractions.


1. Persistence: It is the most beautiful word ever found in the English dictionary,  Persistencegoes well beyond your love and hugs.

You set a goal; set your time limits; start on the action and move on towards the action despite any hindrances. Persistence!

It will make a world of difference to your reaching or forgoing your set targets.

2. Procrastination: It is the classic villain bounces on your self discipline methods; postponing something for tomorrow everyday makes the tomorrow never comes calling you home. Self discipline and procrastination can not stay in the same place. Hence, choose action and not inaction or the postponement of action for some other time.

3Move Forward: Whether you want to take it easy or move on fast towards your set goal, let us say, on implementation of your diet control program, just do something. Take some action.

Start your program with three days a week and gradually fast forward to five days a week. Work in small steps if you feel overwhelmed in taking big steps. Just move forward. Only status stands at the same place. You are not one, are you?

4. Enlist the help of others: Once you start working on a goal, enlist the help of your family, close friends and colleagues.

In the classic case of the weight loss program, your friend may stop tempting you with junk foods, your family might co-operate with you
Self-Appreciationon healthy drinks and your colleagues could leave you alone with the salads for lunch. Enlist the help of at least a few people who understands your seriousness towards
reaching your set target.

5. Self-AppreciationThe moment you had reached a set target with success, be expansive on the self appreciation. Take yourself for a cup of coffee. Buy a couple of clothes. Get some fancy accessories. After the celebration, move on to the next set target.


Q. Just like multi-tasking, I undertake multi-targeting on certain goals. Being DisciplinedSometimes, it works, however, most of the time, it doesn’t! How to go about it?

It must naturally be working, when your goals are complementary to each other and not contradictory to one another. For example, if you continue to eat the fattening food items while expecting great results on being fit and fancy, it doesn’t work!

Create goals that are complementary and work on them simultaneously; am sure, you will succeed.

Smita’s Advice

When the goals are contradictory, set them one by one and achieve them on a priority basis.

Self-discipline is an act of cultivation. It requires you to connect today’s actions to tomorrow’s results. There’s a season for sowing a season for reaping. Self-discipline helps you know which is which”.

-      Gary Ryan Blair

Only when you sow the seeds of self-discipline, can you reap the benefits of self growth.

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Being Charismatic and Charming


“Charisma is the transference of enthusiasm.”Being Charismatic

Ralph Archbold quotes

“Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question”.

Albert Camus

Charm and Charisma are more similar than different from each other in their attributes. Both talk about the personality of some one; the enthusiasm of someone, the care that some one give to the others, the comfort with which they make others to feel etc.

Recently, I had attended a function at a friend’s place; as soon as I had entered, I had noticed the host amongst the sea of other faces. In a way, no one could escape noticing her; she was floating around the party, exchanging pleasantries with people, her eyes intent on the ones with whom she was talking to, bending over a toddler hugging him with dancing eyes; she was in general behaving like a perfect host that she was, may be better!

She was not beautiful in the strict sense of the word. But something about her was so charming and that something had made me to look at her and had made me to continue to do so.

Presently, she was talking to some one with a lovely smile; she was looking directly into his eyes, had focussed totally on his face, as though excluding the rest of the world from that moment; she must have been sharing with him something interesting that had made him to smile broadly. In seconds, she had arranged cool drinks for him and had asked about his comforts. When she left him, I saw the dazed look on his face, a sort of pleasant drowsiness that had shown me that the thoughts of hers were still lingering on his mind, like the lingering fragrance from some one that had crossed his path.Charm and charisma! The words can never be defined completely; however the dictionaries may try to do so. I had just tried!

What attracts you to some one and what makes that some one as the centre of a party, meeting, at work and even in the family?

People who are genuinely interested in you

People, who are focused on you

People who make you to feel comfortable and special

People who treat you as an equal to them

People who make you to smile from the heart

People who are kind to you

People who are sympathetic, generous and are approachable

People who show respect to you and

People who make positive comments about you;

Those are the people you are attracted to and those are the people whom you think are charming and charismatic!


1. Like the others: Show an interest in people, make positive comments on them, make them to feel at ease, be Charming kind to them, show respect to them and spread smiles a mile and they will be yours. It does not even need a practice!

2. Listen to people: Most of the people don’t allow others to complete their sentence. They had to interfere, thereby creating irritation and discomfort for the other person. Listen; is it such a complicated thing to do so? By listening to the others, you help in boosting their self respect and confidence levels.

3. Show self confidence: When you walk through the doors people should respond to your positive vibes involuntarily. Maintain a straight posture, keep your handshake firm and meet the others in the eyes. Introduce yourself clearly by name.

When Oprah enters the stage in the Oprah Winfrey talk show; when Nelson Mandela gets up to speak on any platform, when you look at the dazzling blue eyes of Paul Newman and the emotion filled face of Meryl Streep; they are charming and you are charmed!

Their charisma is mysterious in a certain way, lingering on your hearts even after they leave the stage or when the film is over, whatever the case may be! Their confidence levels are so high that you tend to love them, clearing a space in your hearts for them to stay there forever!

Show an enormous self confidence and claim the stage as your own!

4. Engage people in good conversation: Knowledge about the current affairs, present political and economic scenario helps. Speak with conviction. Be sure in what you want to convey.

People love themselves. Show interest to learn about them.


Q. I am a young woman. Though I would like to be charming in the party circles and would like to be quite young womanpopular, I am unable to overcome my introvert nature. How should I go about it?

Like any other art, charming is an art and a talent that can be developed easily and being charismatic is at the ripening end of being a charming woman.

Always talk about the others and not about yourself to them. Listen to what they have to say carefully with a nice smile. Compliment people and they would love you just for that. Carry your self confidence just like you carry your bag and accessories. Treat people as equivalent to you and be ready to tell little and interesting stories to people. When you meet some one at the next time, remember to compliment them by calling their name.

Finally, don’t go overboard on anything. Being a woman set your limits and be watchful for people’s body language. If you feel uncomfortable around some one, especially with strangers and in parties, clear out of that place.

Smita’s Advice

When the rocket science is an acquired science, surely learning to charm others or being charismatic in your approach, should not be a big problem. Practice and you will become one!

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