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Women, the Creator of the Creativity!

“There’s a woman at the beginning of all great things.”Creativity

-Alphonse de Lamartine

 Of Course, there is!

God took a lot of time and care while creating the woman, as she was destined to be the creator of multitudes of things in her life and for her family.

Call it her creative outlet, a hobby, her passion or even her slight weakness; a woman likes to do a lot of her work herself, whether it is sewing and stitching the clothes, decorating her house with flowers, wrapping up her gifts to the others, breeding her pets, making her scrap book et all!

Creative people are sensitive ones; they think more with their hearts than with their minds.

The world is full of options when you want to channelize your creativity into constructive ways! Just a few common tips to help you in identifying some of the options that could suit your style of creativity:


1. Stitching and Sewing: Stitching, Sewing, Knitting, Embroidery and Quilting is as old as the Stitching and Sewinghuman history; even today, it is the favorite past time of a lot of women. A woman feels pride in making clothe and quilts for herself and for her family. Sewing is also an exercise to the body, however old fashioned this activity seems to some people.

2. Gardening, Tree Arts and Landscaping: Gardening in and around your home is a hobby unlike any other hobbies; it exercises and gives fresh air to the body, provide a blanket of greenery and colour therapy to the eyes and a sense of calm and peacefulness to the heart and mind. Taking up gardening is quite easy too.

3. Flower ArrangementFlower arrangement around your home is an amazing talent and flowerFlower Arrangement arrangement as a business would do more to augment your bank balance.

4Reading and Writing: Reading enriches your mind and makes you a knowledgeable person. Writing enriches your soul and makes you the Queen of the characters you develop in your book and the articles you write in your notepad. You can derive an amazing happiness in looking at the happy faces of the people who read your work.

If you are not comfortable in writing professionally, you may always indulge in writing blogs. A blog is the mirror of an individual heart; what you think of can be shared with the people of your choice or to the public in general.

5. Fine Arts: The fine arts of Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Dance, Drama, Music , Rangoli  and Theatricals; indulging in any of these arts opens doors for creativity, peacefulness, stress-free state of mind and happiness for you.

It is not necessary that you should be an expert in any of these fields; if you are, that would be fabulous. However, if you are not, nothing is lost and there is a lot to be gained from developing your creativity in any of these activities.

Painting can even be done on ceramics, glass and pots. You can draw murals around your room. You don’t need a specific canvass, when the whole world could be your canvass to paint around with.

If Music is the reflection of your soul, then dance is the reflection of your heart. You may adopt some one’s style or may even develop your own style of these twin arts.

Drawing and Sculpture are the true creations of the mind; the visual appeal drawn with pencils is a
 Photographydelight to any one’s heart.

Sculpture can be made even out of discarded household goods, old plastic bottles, office supply, CD shards, paper and driftwood. Sculpture is not necessarily made with stone or bronze anymore!

6. Photography: Photography is an art in itself; a picture is a visual therapy that captures the colors
  forms, lines and designs into the mental camera.

A landscape picture could relax you. A nature picture may delight you. A human picture may capture your imagination and a serenity picture may calm you down. A picture, of course, speaks more than a thousand words!

 Artificial Jewelry

7. Artificial Jewelry and Artifice: Artificial jewelry and artifice can even be made at your home;
you may however, need to undergo a course on this to get into the knack of making of them.

There are so many creative ways of spending your time and energy; such an art will enhance your capabilities, calibre and physical and mental dynamics.


I am a successful business woman and even though, I would very much like to spend time on any creative activity, I am unable to do so due to my heavy-duty work schedule. How can I do something on my own in the field of creativity?

Being a successful woman in business is in itself certifies your creativity; you have come up in the man’s world to be a successful business woman and that can not be achieved on minor terms.

Any success need a measure of creative thinking, application of the vision to the future, converting the thinking into practice and thereby, reaping the benefits of your idea or creative thinking into competitive advantage.

However, try to develop some hobby, which can help you to De-stress from work. All you need is to do some time management and prioritization. Things automatically fall in place.


Smita’s Advice

Creating something new or mending something old helps you to channelize your happiness. Creativity helps you in easing your stress out, gives you a tremendous sense of accomplishment, helps you in bonding with the others (when you gift them the products of your creativity) and assist you in earning a constant income on the side.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”.  G.B. Shaw


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Flower arrangement and flower jewellery

All through the ages, women are compared to the flowers; flowers are the favorite instruments in the hands flower arrangementof the writers, painters, sculptures and others to compare them with the women.

Flowers have a way of understanding a woman’s heart; in a way flowers are like a woman; soft, endearing, exceptional, beautiful, sensitive and comes wearing lots of colors!

There is nothing better than flowers to give as a gift and there is nothing better than flowers to receive as gift. Whether you receive them as gifts or buy for your home, it’s important to know the basics of flower arrangement. There are a few general tips given as follows:


1. Types of Flower Arrangements: There are different types of flower arrangements viz., Free Standing arrangement, Hogarth’s Curve arrangement, vertical arrangement, horizontal arrangement, oval arrangement, minimal arrangement, crescent arrangement and Triangular arrangement.

2. Types of Flowers: Three MAIN types of flowers used in the flower arrangement shouldTypes of Flowers be taken note of, the Line flowers, Mass flowers and the Filler flowers.

3. Identify the types of flowers received by you or buy the flowers according to the types specified so that you shall be able to do the flower arrangement according to your chosen type as a visual treat to your family and friends.

4. Line Flowers: Just like their name suggests the Line flowers are the ones that add height and width to your flower base structure. Certain examples of such flowers are snapdragons, gladiolus, liatris, tuberose, curly willow, bells of Ireland, delphiniums etc.

5. Mass Flowers are the God Particle of the flower arrangement; they give the mass or the weight to the flowers. The lovely Rose comes under this category. Certain other examples are Tulips, Iris, Lilies, Daffodils, sunflowers, magnolias, daisies etc.

6. Filler Flowers: Filler flowers are the ones that fill in the space between the line and the mass flowers and give us the visual appeal of the flower arrangement.

7. Choose the container: Vase is the most common form of container used for the flower arrangement. You could try different forms of container, including synthetics, metal, stone, plastics, hand-painted containers, terra cotta, glass etc. Change the routine and bring in bright and shinning colour in the flower combination; keep it in the centre of the room. People will look delightedly star-struck!

8. Flowers submerged in water: Roses, lilies and a variety of orchids, sturdy calla are some of the flowers that can be kept submerged in water. Remove the leaves that are submerged in water. A teaspoon of glycerine added to the water shall help in increasing the life of the flowers. Use lukewarm water and keep the cut flowers in the vertical position.

9. How to choose the flowers for arrangement: You may choose the flowers based on the colour combination you have in mind, based on the different meanings of the flowers, (fluorography), and based on the flowers you love the most, based on the texture, size, colour and the harmony of the combination of flowers.

10. Use localized flowers: It’s best to use the flowers that are native to your locality; they survive better in your arrangement

11. Suggestions of combination of flowers in the arrangement: Combination of peach, green and white, just peach and green, yellow, white and red, the same colour arrangement like the pure white types, red, yellow and blue together etc.

Flower Jewellery:Flower Jewellery

The beautiful and natural flower patterns in light weight gold and diamonds in various jewellery sets are one of the most famous jewellery trends in 2012. It is also expected to rule the 2013 trends too.

Termwiki refers to flower jewellery as,

“a piece of jewelry that features flower stations or gemstone arrangements designed to resemble a flower”.

Flower jewellery comes in various hues and colours, just like the original flowers; they can either be bought outright or can be made to order in select jewellery show rooms.


Q. Though it’s my passion to buy flowers and decorate my home with flower  Flowersarrangements from time to time, I don’t generally get to buy the flowers of my choice as I live in a semi urban area. How can I go about getting the flowers of my choice?

Simple, really! These days you can order whatever you want from online. There are specialized websites and e-shopping sites that cater to almost all the requirements of the customers. Google and order any number of flowers of your choice and enrich your flower arrangements at home.

Smita’s Advice

A woman can arrange a bunch of flowers far better than a man, sorry folks, because she understands their language, their laughter, their sweetness, their endearing and exceptional qualities. You see, in a way, women are like the flowers too!

Like Gerald De Nerval had said,

“Each flower is a soul opening out to nature.”

How very true?

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Types of Flower Arrangement

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