Back to work after a break?

Any woman who has a career and a family automatically develops something in the way of two Back to  work after a breakpersonalities, like two sides of a dollar bill, each different in design.

Her problem is to keep one from draining the life from the other.- Ivy Baker PriestIt’s common for women to take break from work due to pregnancy, child care, to take care of their family, to manage any contingencies at home, in case of prolonged illness or just to take a breather of freedom from work.

Whatever the reason, when women decide to get back to work, it gets difficult. Well, it doesn’t have to be.Certain general tips shall help you in making your come back to work easier and better:


  1. Keep in touch : While you are away from your career world, never loose in touch with your ex-colleagues and friends. Keep them on your radar and contact them casually from time to time. Such a network will help when you decide to get back to work later on.
  2.  Be aware of the career world: Just because you are not working, it does not mean that you should not be aware of the latest developments in corporate, the job market and the HR world etc. Read articles on current affairs and current market conditions and improve on your knowledge. Browse on the jobs in the job sites and understand the demand for the kind of the job you were doing before you took the break.
  3.  Enrich your knowledge: Enrol in a foreign language course; enrol in satellite, correspondence or week end courses in your selected branch of studies. Get an additional diploma or a certificate relating to your line of work. Your resume will speak of your dedication to your working knowledge, even during the break period. It will give a positive impression on the interviewer when you attend your interviews.
  4.  Enrol in an employable skills course: There are more courses in the world than the stars blanketing on the Returning To Work After a Long Breakvelvet skies. Just enrol yourself in one of the courses, where they may sharpen your skills in interviews, self confidence etc. This may help you tremendously, if need be.
  5.  Technology: While on learning, make sure that you are computer savvy and improve your skill sets according to the technology demands of your career path.
  6.  Update your resume: Update your resume; do not bother about the gaps in your bio-data. If you show self confidence and convey a proper justification for your absence from the career world, the recruiter will understand.
  7.  Park your resume in job sites: When you decide to get back to work, upload your resume to the job sites; check your latest email id and phone numbers in the resume, so that the prospective companies and consultants can contact you without strain.
  8.  Contact: Contact the corporate, management and HR consultancies; make enquiries. Send across your resume to them all. If you have decided to do something, do it aggressively.
  9.  Take Help: Take the help of all and sundry; take the help from your ex-colleagues and friends; take the help from your ex-boss,  supervisor, manager and the head of the department for job opportunities and references etc.
  10.  Social networking sites: Become a part of a trust worthy and reputed job related social networking sites, wherein it will be easy to get referred by some one for a job or to get to know of an opening somewhere etc. Remember, the word “trust” is the golden rule, especially when you are going to give out all your personal information on the net.
  11.  Negotiate with your employer: Take a decision whether you would like to come back as a part time, full time or as a freelancer employee and accordingly, negotiate the terms with your employer.
  12.  Prepare yourself: Groom yourself. Set-up your wardrobe in line with your work. Take care of your fitness.


 Q I took time off from work for a couple of years due to pregnancy and child birth for mom Even though I now would like to get back to the career world, I am unsure of myself and hesitant to appear for interviews. I feel sort of uneasy and terrified of going back to work. What to do?

It seems that you had cut yourself off totally from the career world during your break. That should not be.  However, you may enrol yourself in a soft skills course relevant to your requirement, wherein they may train you in the path to the self confidence, including that of facing the interview board and other necessary skills.

Develop self-confidence; straighten your posture and look interviewer at eye level and smile. Be truthful in your responses.

I am sure you will come out in flying colours and shall land yourself an excellent opportunity in no time.

Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth. -Julie Andrews

Gospel Truth!

Q I have taken a break for 2 years and want to return to work. People who were reporting to me have become bosses now. It will be very difficult for me to work under them. How should I handle this issue?

One of your options, could be starting off with another company, instead of re-joining your former job. However, if you do choose to join the same company again, remember, that it is only a matter of re-proving yourself and capabilities, before you catch up, in the race. When you return back to work after a hiatus, there will be some confidence, and ego issues. Don’t let them get in the way of your progress. You will soon bounce back!

Remember beautiful words of Eleanor Roosevelt:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”


 Smita’s Advice


As men take on the role of the prime bread winners, it is the women who take a break from work, short or long, a few months or a few years; never think that you are losing on anything since you took a break. Stay positive and be confident.

The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.

~ Sonya Friedman


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