Importance of Basic Cooking

Cooking is an integral and a well rooted tradition that binds us together and defines our status as humans. No Basic Cooking wonder that so many of us spend hours labouring in the kitchen to produce meals that are not only appetising but are important to fulfil our emotional and communal needs too.

The skill of cooking is a valuable skill worth knowing that comes as a life saver in grave situations. But unfortunately, this ability is losing its grip day by day in the present day generation. Growing rare, soon our future generation may find this skill of cooking an extinct talent with the numerous upcoming ready-to-eat food items paving its way into the grocery store racks.

Irrespective of gender difference, this skill is worth learning and knowing rather than depending on eat-out joints or pre-made meals available whenever you are hungry. The advantages of knowing the basics of cooking are numerous.

Let’s delve a little further into the art of home cooking and learn various methods of preparing simple yet scrumptious dishes for our loved ones.


1. Independency: You need not be a master chef to satisfy your hungry tummy. Basic cooking skills like making Cookingan egg omelette or soup or knowing any other basic recipes helps you to prepare your own meal without depending on others. This has two benefits to itself. First, you can decide on the taste of your delicacy if you have the basic knowhow. Secondly, the skill makes you more independent, developing a sense of pride when you realize you can fend for yourself.

2Monetary Gain: It is well said, “A penny saved is a penny earned”. Everytime you head to various diner joints in your vicinity when hungry drills a hole in your wallet. It is way cheaper to cook your own meal rather than going out to eat everytime. The knowledge of basic cooking helps you save a big amount of your monthly budget that otherwise ends up in the money valets of various restaurants and diners.

3. Healthy Option: Preparing your own meal offers a healthy option over the pre-made or junk food that in the long run takes a toll on your health. Fast food tends to be tasty and addictive as they are prepared just to satisfy your taste buds, which affects your health in several ways when eaten regularly. But the skill of cooking can be a saviour for your health, as you can easily prepare healthy yet tasty homemade food to please your grumbling stomach.

4. Aids Survival: No matter, if ever you are stranded with no supply of fast food or pre-made food. Availability of common food items will be a life saver, in case you have a fundamental knowhow about cooking techniques. You can even impress your loved ones, with your cooking skills, in case the food joint fails to deliver your order. Regardless of the situation, knowing essential cooking skills are always an added advantage.


Q. I’m 26 year old and reside in a different place, away from my family and hence end up eating from local breadrestaurants and diners, which infact have been a heavy on my pockets and unhealthy too. Is it possible I can start to learn cooking and if yes, how?

It’s never too late to start learning a new skill and with cooking, which is like a must knowhow, you can start off soon after you finish reading the article. There are umpteen ways to pick up the basic cooking skills needed to cook and provide for yourself. To start with nothing works best than your mother’s instructions. You can pick up some basic and easy recipes from your mother and gradually go over to cookbooks and online recipes. Another easier way to learn cooking tips is through YouTube videos or food specialized channels that gives a better perspective on how to cook various recipes.

Q. What appetizer can I serve that is light yet tasty?

You can serve warm pita bread with hummus. Add olives to the dish to make it a true Mediterranean salver.

Smita’s Advice

Cooking is an enjoyable and a recreational activity for many. The possibilities to experiment with food are numerous. You can create something unique from ordinary ingredients; it just takes a pinch of imagination and a whole lot of thoughtfulness to cook for people you love.

Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.

Harriet Van Horne

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