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Nail and Dental Beautification

“You can tell a lot from a person’s nails.”beautiful nails

- Ian McEwan, Saturday

Beautification does not happen on chipped, dry or brittle nails. Finger and Feet nails should be maintained in a proper way so that the nails can be decorated for your personal joy and for display to the others on the festivities, parties or just for fun.


Basics of Nail Management:

1. Regular Manicures: Getting regular manicures, helps in removing dead skin around the nails. ManicuresIt nourishes your hands and soften them.

2. Cleaning and Moisturizing: Clean the nails regularly; massage and moisturize them properly.

3. Remove the stains on your nails: soaking your nails in a cup of lemon water shall help greatly.

4. Breathing Time: Give your nails a breathing time in between your nail polish and nail arts etc.

5. Trimming of your nails: Your nails should be trimmed in a straight line and not in a circular fashion which may not be good for them; always use cuticle softener to remove undesired cuticles. Do not use the harsh nail cutters, scissors, steel files or any other sharp instruments to cut your nails.

6. Don’t bite your nails: Remember your Mom used to say not to bite your nails when you were young? It’s true. Biting your nails is quite unhygienic and should be avoided at any cost.

7. Protect your hands: Wear rubber gloves when you are doing your household work; this will keep your hands soft and save them from the harsh detergents, chemicals and the constant usage in the water. This will also save your cuticles from getting rough and from developing minor cracks.

 Nail Beautification:

Hand and feet nail beautification is nothing but the application of the nail art to your natural nails and or artificial nails (like sculptured nails, gel nails and nail wrapping); it also involves manicure and pedicure. If you will be indulging in nail art yourself, be aware of the basics of hygiene and the maintenance of your nails.

1. Variety in Nail Arts: The preference for nail art differs from woman to woman. It depends on her desire for pattern, floral, dried flowers, precious stones, geometrics, glitters and shimmers, line arts, art scenes, riot of colours, may just be a couple of colours etc. As many woman in the world, there are as many preferences for the nail art! You may either use the nail art on your natural nails or on talons (nail enhancements).

2. Nail Paints: Nail paints are available in all hues and shades. It’s for you to choose soft, neutral, flashy,Nail Paints shinny or shimmering colours for your nails. You may choose flashy and shimmering colours for the parties and for the festival seasons. Before starting the actual painting, you should make sure that the surface of your nail is clean and devoid of dirt or creams. Always use good quality nail paints.

3. How to create the nail art:  Coat a basic colour of your choice and create the design on top of it with contrasting colours. You may incorporate your design with animal or floral patterns, dried flowers or gemstones etc. Always allow some time between your coats for the paint to get dried out. Square off your design with a sealant coat.

4. Uneven nails: Now, if you have chipped or brittle nails, you can use the nail extensions and can implement the nail art on them. Gel can be used on your nails, if the acrylic paint is not suitable for you.

The only combination that’s required for the “Do it yourself” nail art is your nails and your imagination!

5. Nail Technician: You may even take the help of the nail technician or nail artist on the first few times of nail art; it would be advisable to let them paint your nails. You may observe and learn the art.

Dental Beautification:dental smile

Smiling is infectious,

You can catch it like the flu.

Someone smiled at me today,

And I started smiling too.

-      Author Unknown

Dental Beautification is nothing but the art of smile beautification. The set of 32 pearls in the mouth and the enchanting smile of a woman do come with a cost; for some it could be God’s blessing, but for most of the others, the dental professionals take care of them.

1. Dental Cosmetologist: The real beautification of the teeth is being taken care of by the dentalDental Cosmetologist cosmetologist, who manages the teeth’s form and appearance. The final destination of the “dental beautification is to have an amazing and dazzling smile”.

Dental beautification or “Smile Makeover” can be achieved by undergoing one or more of the following treatments as per your requirements:

2. Reshaping of the tooth: It helps to correct the chip, length and shape of the tooth(s), so that you can have uniformly beautiful teeth.

3. Dental Whitening: Whitening is the basis of dental beautification. You can not beautify the teeth that are discoloured or stained: bleaching, power bleaching, laser treatment and using gels are some of the methods by which the dentists shall help you on this.

4. Dental Veneers: What the bleaching can’t do for your teeth, veneers can! BleachingDental Whitening reduces the teeth stains to a large extent; however, the stains which can not be removed completely can be taken care of by the application of veneers that cover the surface of the stains.

Veneer is also used to change the shape of a tooth, cover a minor misalignment, bridge gaps between the front teeth and mends cracks and chips, malformations of the teeth.

5. Dental bridges and Implants: Dental bridges are the artificial teeth that fill in the area of the missed teeth, to bring in a proper alignment to your teeth.

6. Gum lift: Gum lift helps in raising and sculpturing the gum line in order to help in the forming of a uniform teeth structure.

7. Dental Gems and Tatoos: Dental jewellery and beatification is the latest craze in many countries.Its a great way to give dazzle to your million dollar smile.

Well, it is an

8. Extreme Makeover, Dental Edition: all the efforts to make your smile picture perfect, dazzling, and attractive and to give you the self confidence which you deserve.


Q. What should be the frequency of my manicure and pedicure?

Manicure should be done about every 2 to 3 weeks, as your hands handle on a lot of work and needs care often enough. Pedicure should be taken about once in a month, as feet is comparatively safer from abuse than the hands.

Q. How do you restore the natural color of your nails?

Discolored and misshaped nails can be a indicator of various medical conditions. Get your nails checked from a physician to rule out the possibility of a fungal infection. Use a soft bristle nailbrush to clean your nails.You can also use cotton dipped in lemon essential oil on nails to brighten them.Always use good quality base coat under your nail polish. Avoid using bright red, black or any other dark or very bright shade too often as they stain our nails more than light shades. Refrain from applying polish all the time.It deprives nails from oxygen which is needed to maintain its natural color.

Smita’s Advice

Generally people neglect their feet and their denture. They are often noticed when you speak, when you keep your hands on the table or when you write or type etc. Hence, maintenance of teeth and nails are quite important for a woman.

Smita Recommend


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7 Natural Tips For Whiter Teeth

Tips On Nail Care

E-Book – Ultimate Nail Care

Book – Rescue Your Nails

Book – The Complete Guide to Better Dental Care

Rescue Your Nails

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Beauty from Kitchen

“A woman has strengths that amaze me, she can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens, she holds happiness, love and opinions, she smiles when she feels like screaming, she sings when she feels like crying, cries when she’s happy, and laughs when she’s afraid, her love is unconditional, there’s only one thing wrong with her and that is that sometimes she forgets what she is worth”.
-      Anonymous
A woman! What an amazing observation?


1. Water:  Drink at least eight glasses of water. This will help in reducing acne and pimple. This will also help in hydrating your skin nicely. Drink glass of waterwater on empty stomach when you get up in the morning. Drink whenever you feel like drinking water and do not postpone the thirst quenching exercise.

2. Take care of your Vitamins and Minerals: Refer a chart on vitamins and minerals and eat food that can nourish your inside as well as outside the body. Beauty comes from within.

Ex: You may find potassium in potatoes, bananas, milk, raw vegetables etc. which help to regulate your heart beat and body fluids etc. Vitamin C can be had from fruits and vegetables; Vitamin C helps in the development and maintenance of bones, teeth, blood vessels etc. It also fights infection and heals wounds.
3. Exfoliate Skin: Mix sugar and olive or almond oil in equal measures; add a few drops of essential oils. Make a mixture of it and rub it onto the skin for a few minutes. You may rinse the dead skin and the residue off with warm water.

4. Glowing Skin: Apply the mix of turmeric powder and gram powder, mixed in yogurt or milk.

5. Face Mask: Half spoon of olive oil and half spoon of honey along with a pinch of turmeric, mixed well, can be applied on the face.olive oil

Alternatively, make a paste of sandalwood powder in rose water and apply it on your face.

You may also use papaya pulp mixed with lemon juice as your face mask.
6. Facial Toner: White of egg is a damn good facial toner. Whip it up and gather the foam. Apply it on your face and neck. Once dried, wash with warm water. If you can bear the egg smell, it’s worth the effort.

Any pack or cream you apply on your face, don’t forget to apply on your neck too. Otherwise, your face will look fresh and your neck will look dull.
7. To remove tan: Mix cucumber pulp in yogurt, apply it on your face.
8. Simple Face Care: Apply milk to your face. Wait for it to dry. Sprinkle water on your face. You may even wash your face with milk on a daily basis. It would do wonders to your face.
9. Dark Spots reduction: You may rub cucumber slice on your face thoroughly for some time and wash with warm water.
10. Dark Circles: Add lemon and tomato juice and apply it over the dark circle; it helps.

11. Teeth: Apple cedar vinegar is a remover of stains from teeth. You may apply the vinegar directly on the teeth and rinse thoroughly with water.
12. Enhance the life of your lipstick on your lips: After applying your lipstick, apply some sugar on your lips and keep it for a minute.

13. Hand Care: You may soak your hands in olive oil for five minutes once or twice a week. It will soften both your hands and the cuticles.

14. Age spots on hands: Rub with half a lemon thoroughly on the hands. Make it a habit. Wash it egg yolkafter 10 minutes.

This will help in delaying the onset of the age spots on the hands.

15. Hair Growth: Massaging scalp thoroughly with coconut oil at least twice a week shall help. Wash with cold water after an hour.
16. Natural Hair Conditioner: 1 tablespoon of Yogurt, 1 tablespoon of honey, an egg yolk and a teaspoon of almond oil; mix them nicely and apply it on your hair. Wash after 20 minutes. Use hair pack made out of curd, fenugreek seed paste for lustre.

17. Dark Under arms: A half cut lemon should be thoroughly applied to your underarm in circular motions. Wash after a few minutes and do it Half cut lemonregularly for whitening results.

Application of a teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with a teaspoon of turmeric powder regularly shall also be quite beneficial for dark under arms.

18. Dry and Cracked Heels: Olive oil is a great healer for many issues. At night, before bed time, apply olive oil on the dry and chapped heels and after five minutes wear socks and keep your feet covered all over the night. Do it daily and you will get good results.

You may also use glycerine and rose water mixture on a daily basis for 10 – 15 minutes religiously for 15 – 20 days and you will get good results too.



Q. I am so busy managing my home, children, office and outside work that I generally doesn’t find time for any of these routines. How can I take care of myself?

“A woman…there’s only one thing wrong with her and that is that sometimes she forgets what she is worth”

It seems as though the quote has been written specifically keeping you in mind! Realize your worth. When you can spend hours and hours for the family, work and outside world, can’t you spend a few minutes on YOU?

Start spending ten minutes on you on a daily basis and gradually increase the time according to your requirements.


Smita’s Advice

As a woman’s kitchen is her “queendom” and as she spends a better part of her life in her kitchen taking care of the nourishment of her family, there are multiple options in her kitchen cabinet to help her in maintaining her good looks!

“Believe that YOU are worth more!”

Smita Recommend


YouTube Preview Image


10 Kitchen Pantry Beauty Ingredients

 Book – Beauty from your kitchen




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Household Engineering

A house needs maintenance; not just the maintenance in terms of keeping it spotless, taking care of the family or fixing house repairspaying bills on time.

It also entails taking care of the wear and tear of the house at least in terms of minor repairs and modifications, rather than buying things every time new or paying for repairs to an outside agency.



1. Tools that is required for handling repairs around your house: hand drill

  •  Safety Glasses
  • A variety of screwdrivers or a screw driver set
  • A variety of screw, nails and wall plugs
  • Scissors in different sizes
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Handy Hammer, spanner and pliers
  • A Torch light
  • A hand drill and a wrench
  • Measure tape, Cello tape
  • M Seal and glue of different types
  • Insulation tapes
  • Extra light bulbs and socketsfile000506133386
  • Electrical Tester

2. Be your own handywoman:

  • A home maker should be able to manage the basic repair work around her home like the following: you should be able to:
  •  Change a light bulb
  •  Replace a shower head
  •  Patch a hole in the wall and hang a picture
  • Fix up the minor leaks
  • Fix a clogged sink
  • Fix a broken flower pot with gluereplacing a light bulb
  • Mend a fabric
  • Switch to organic food to control the pesticides intake in your family’s food.
  • Change a flat tyre
  • Use a lawn mover
  •  Repair a leaky faucet
  • Repair your child’s doll and more!

3. Be your own DIY woman: Google on for the “do it yourself” and “how to” sites; there are

scores of such sites that would teach you to do any work whatsoever on your own Fix up the minor leakswithout taking the help of others; the money thus saved can be used for other vital purposes.

4. Record Keeping: You should be able to maintain the bills, receipts and addresses in a methodical form; maintain the bills and receipts in a folder of a file and enter the addresses in an excel format for easy reference. You may even take a print out of it and keep it posted on the notice board. You may also have the addresses entered manually into an address book.

You should have a notice board to pin up your To Do list, pin up the list of important dates like birthdays etc. of your family and friends, pin-up the list of the bill payment dates for easy reference etc.


5. Make a first aid kitYou should have a first aid kit readily available at home; you don’t need to rush to doctor for minor cuts and scratches or light fever, cold and cough in your family.


Q. Though I am a home maker as well as a working woman, I would love to work around my home, repairing minor things. However, I am terrified of repairing any major things and always hire some one to do the job. How can I go about taking care of the entire management of my home?

It is highly appreciable that you are both a home maker and a working woman and also work around your home handling many things.

However, it does not mean that you should handle ALL the repair and maintenance work around your home on your own. There is nothing wrong in hiring some one from time to time to take care of the major repairing work. You will also get some time for yourself and will feel stress-free. Hence, chill out and cool down; don’t feel guilty on small things. Create your own space and spend more time with your family. Relax and enjoy your free time.

Finally, there should be a balance between your inner engineering and the household engineering at your home. Feeling free, happy and joyous is more important than running around your home doing all the work all the time. The home is made for you and by you. Don’t become a slave to your home needs.

Smita’s Advice

A woman should appoint herself as her own handywoman and should be able to take care of the minor repairs around her house, along with the installation of goods and materials etc.

Smita Recommend


YouTube Preview Image




Handywoman Workspace


E-Book – Handywoman’s Home Repairs

Book – Handywoman’s Workbook: How To Do It Yourself

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Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being

Sometimes, things happen which are out of our control. We long for the warmth of the sunshine to stay with us for some more time and the winter spiritual
come calling in; we wish that we never have to go through bad things in our life, but we all endure abuse, hurt and pain at some point of time or the other in our lives!Sometimes, things happen which are out of our control. If you go through abuse, neglect and maltreatment in childhood; abuse in the hands of the people who should never ever have abused you; that creates emotional stress and mental scare for life.Sometimes, things happen which are out of our control.

If you go through domestic violence, battered married life and abuse in the hands of some one whom you had trusted with your love and life; that creates physical and mental wounds.Sometimes things happen which are out of our control. If you are hurt and humiliated by some one, that stays with you for a long time. If you are in anger or in mental agony due to people and circumstances, it affects your body and mind. If you are in pain due to illness or accidents, it takes time to return to normalcy. Even then, the pain consciously or unconsciously lingers on in the mind.Such after effects of scars and wounds take a long time to heal; it impacts your psychological balance; such impact makes it difficult for you to trust others; it affects your faith in the humanity in general. It affects your emotional well being.

However, there are certain things that are well within our control; getting healed and taking baby steps on the path to recovery towards mental, physical and spiritual well being is definitely in our control. We just need to take some steps, rather many steps towards the sunshine.


1. Forgive People: Forgiveness is the most difficult thing to do, if you have gone through physical, mental and emotional disturbances in your life
Emotional due to others.

However, not forgiving people is to carry them around in your mind day in and day out and replaying the horror and hell you had gone through time and again. Forgive and let go of them and let go of your agony. Forgive people!

2. Be Positive: Forgiveness is the most difficult thing to do and once it gets done, the path of positivity is easy enough. Being positive can not come from any outside forces; it should be developed from within.

“No teacher, preacher, parent, friend

Or wise man can decide

What’s right for you–just listen to

The voice that speaks inside”

- Shel Silverstein

By patience and practice on channelling your negative thoughts into the light bound positivity. Be alert for the negative voices in your mind. The moment you hear the negative voice, distract it with positive thinking.

3. Believe in Gratefulness: Nobody has to endure only the negative things in their life. Good things happen to all of us.
Believe in Gratefulness:However, we notice the bad things often enough that the happening of the good things, happy moments and the micro seconds that elevates our minds and make us to feel good about us normally takes a back seat.

Start counting on the good things and be grateful for the blessings in your life.

There are scores of people who have not experienced the early morning glory and the warm sunshine that you have seen today; be grateful for that!

Be grateful for being alive today and plan for the betterment of your future. Pray to God. Pray to the Universe. Pray to the One about whom we know nothing about. Just Pray!

“If the only prayer you said was thank you that would be enough.”

- Meister Eckhart

4. Help Others: Show kindness to people and help others. When you give something, your hand opens up to receive something
from the one to whom you give! No one can give something to some one without receiving something back! It is the Universal Law of Kindness and Compassion; it is the fast track on healing the total you!

5. Be Healthy! A healthy body is a must for the spiritual and emotional well-being of a person. Get into Yoga and do breathing exercises. Get into the habit of morning walk. Do meditation. Enrol yourself in a gym. Eat balanced and nutritional food. Smile a bit and laugh a lot. Light up the world. Dance with the wind and listen to the music and cry with a melted heart. Be Healthy!


Q. I have attended various programs on spiritual upliftment, had watched plenty of inspirational videos and had attended a lot of discourse from religious leaders. However, I never feel at peace with myself. I am always anxious, feel at a loss, and feel hurt by others or guilty on my own for the things done or not done. How can I ever find peace of mind?

This is the question for which the whole world is searching for answers right from the beginning of time and no satisfactory or the final answer has been found so far.

Rather, the answer lies within and not without. Everything you had seen, heard or had gone through, finally comes down to your way of dealing with your problems. Nobody can deal with you except yourself. No body can hurt you unless you are ready to get hurt. No one can insult you unless you are ready to get insulted and no one can make you to smile, unless you are ready to smile on your own.

Resolve your entangled feelings of hurt, anger and abuse; you solve your issues. Resolve your equation with the others; you solve your mental hurt. Calm down and practice various ways and means of being positive as said above.

There is a reason for your being here on the Earth; you are special to God or to Universe or to Nature, whatever the name by which you may call the Higher Force!


Smita’s Advice

Treat yourself with respect and dignity; trust yourself to do good for you and don’t allow others to enter into your mind or heart space to hurt you. Love yourself; you deserve more!

“Healing comes from taking responsibility: to realize that it is you – and no one else – that creates your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions.”

—Peter Shepherd

Get Healed and be on the path to emotional and spiritual well-being!

Smita Recommend


YouTube Preview Image



Spiritual Well-Being

E-Book - Emotional wellbeing  concepts and principles

Book - Emotional Well-Being: Embracing the Gift of Life




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Pets Make Your Life Easier!

Pets make your heart beat easier: even if no body loves you, even if you don’t pets makes your life easier love yourself, your pet will love you unconditionally and will prove it a hundred times a day by showering his wet kisses on all over your face! Pets are the best medicine for the pet owners: research shows that even touching and hugging your pet calms you down and reduces your blood pressure!

Role of a pet in our lives is very important.

Here are tips on why having a pet are helpful for humans:


1. Having a pet makes your mind work easier:when you enter your home, back from a tiring day,birds your pet is awaiting your arrival, with the wagging of tail and with a broad smile on his face. What a welcome party to some one so damn tired due to mental stress and physical tiredness? Sometimes, even when you loose cool due to some reason and gets annoyed with your pet, he still remains loyal to you and be a comfort factor for you all through his life.

2. Having a pet makes your life easier: pets are amazingly helpful in case of blindness, in case of depression, in case of your feeling of insecure and unsafe due to one reason or the other; it is also helpful for deaf people.

3. Being used in the domestic abuse centres: The pets are being used in the domestic abuse centres for women and children all over the world. The pets are being used in the hospitals to bring sunshine of smiles on the faces of the elderly, women and the young patients. Pets also ease the fear and pain of surgery and multiple medications. For the children with autism and for women suffering from body numbing diseases, the pets are the direct Gift from the God.

4. Pets have a way of working with your heart: they just lie down next to you as a comfort factorPets your stress buster in your illness, depression, loneliness and anger; they become your hugging factor in your happiness. They know with their innate ability your need of mental and physical support.

5. Exercise : Pets help you to do a compulsory exercise as you need to walk with them, at least a couple of times a day! By walking with your pet, you are introduced to the wonderful world of kids and to the other women walkers. The children, being adorably curious, generally are attracted to your pets and in the process you get to know them and their parents or guardians. In a short period of one month, you may get to know more people while walking with a pet, than you get to know people in six months of walking alone.

6. Learning : Broomfield library even employs a service dog (named Sassy) in the children’s section to make reading fun and easier for the children. The children even read out their books to the service dog; this makes it easier for them to open up in front of the others. Their mothers get happier and



relaxed along with their children.

7. Companions : Dogs are the constant companions of many epileptic women; the pets know with their sixth sense before the occurrence of the epileptic attack by barking constantly to make the patient to sit or lie down to face the seizures.

8. Healing : Apart from the dogs, the other animals, like cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots, goats, horses, ferrets, birds and chicken too help in the healing of human beings; the pet for therapy program uses the benefits of the pets to heal people mentally and physically and to help them to take care of their day to day situations, including the domestic abuse cases of women.



Q. I loved my dog very much; he had helped me through a lot of tears and heart breaks; rather most I loved my dogof my tears during my divorce have been witnessed only by him and he stood by me, even compared to my parents. However, I had lost him to sickness and old age. I don’t have the heart to get another pet now; however I try to get one. I don’t want to loose another pet ever!

People do loose some one close to them at least some time in their lives; it does not mean that they should stop living. Life goes on and a pet will help you in many ways to take care of the ups and downs in your life, as has very clearly been acknowledged by you.

You should accept this simple fact and should acquire a new pet to enjoy the happiness and the companionship only a pet can give you. You should get another pet; the earlier, the better!

Smita’s Advice

Take care of your pets; acknowledge their love and affection. Take them for regular check-ups. Feed them nutritional food. Take them for a long walk. Some pets love outdoors a lot.

Finally, don’t ever take your pets for granted; it’s the easiest thing to do so. Just remember there is that one friend who would be there for you despite the fact whether you are rich or poor, happy or depressed, single or married and love or hate yourself. The pets love you forever and more!

Smita Recommend


YouTube Preview Image


Importance of pets in our lives

E-Book - The Role of Pets in Enhancing Human Well-being

Book - The Importance of Animal Companionship

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Art of India – Rangoli and Alpana

India is without doubt a country, which loves to celebrate; and households in India know


Source :- wikipedia

how to make something from scratch. It could be anything, food, the décor, the ambiance or even lights. Since people in India love colors and try to incorporate the same in each of their activities, let us then explore yet another activity, which is found in almost every household all over the sub-continent. For one, let us consider the art of designing your floors. Yes, Indians do design their floors with a lot of colors, lights, flowers and other materials and this particular one is called a ‘Rangoli.’

In fact, Kolam, Moggu, Madana, Chowka Purana and Alpana are all names for the Rangoli designed in different parts of India. Just like the diversity of language and culture, there is so much diversity in the way each state makes a Rangoli.

Actually, the whole process is rather flexible. For example, Alpana is the art of Rangoli making in Bengal. Rice is something, which is considered holy and is abundantly available. Yes, Bengalis design their Alpanas with rice, either powdered or in the form of a paste. Kolam in the Southern part of India employs the same method. Since most Rangolis are designed on the entrance of the house, it usually means to invite guests in style and of course, it is in a way considered as holy. Alpanas are however created to mostly welcome the Goddess Laxmi or the other deities to our house.


1. Keeping the area clean: Whichever area you choose to make a Rangoli in, Rangoli and Alpanamake sure that the area is wiped off all dirt and any other residue, since the color of the Rangoli will not come.

2. Use rice paste: If you are a beginner, follow the Bengali style of Rangoli. Since a rice paste is easier to tackle then powdery colors, you will have an easier time to design it.

3. Use materials, which are easily available: As mentioned earlier, the process of making a Rangoli is very flexible. You can use colors, flower petals, diyas or the traditional lamps and of course sand and candles.

4. Keep the design ready: Unless you are an expert, make sure to keep the blueprint of the design you have chosen right in front of you. It is best if there is one drawn on, paper or even better if there is a previous photo or something.

5. Keep it at sight and yet at bay: Since a lot goes into making a Rangoli, it is best if you choose a place which will not be treaded upon by visitors, kids or even family members much.

6. About Stains: If you are worried about stains, it is best if you use powdered colors, rice paste, or other dry materials instead of the traditional wet colors. The process with wet colors is of course a long one, full of trouble.

7. Keep it Simple: Do not choose a design, which is too complicated, and please work on the color combination.Use your creativity and make simple designs in the beginning.  I will tell you from personal experience that many a good pattern can be destroyed by trying to make it too perfect and too colorful.

8. Handling Kids: The best way to handle kids while trying to make a good Rangoli is to involve them with you.



Q. What is the best material for Kids?
Since kids love color, make sure that you get plenty of dry powder based colors. Using rice paste will also do, make sure that you add colors to them as well.
Q. How bad are the colors for your hands?
There are several organic colors available in the market. You can always choose from them. On the other hand, even better, make sure that you make a pattern with flower petals or sand.

Q. How to choose a design for Kids?
Kids might be the most enthusiastic, but are also synonymous with a mess. Choose a geometric pattern or a simple flower.

Q. Can anything else be used?
Well, if rice paste is what you are using, a small piece of cloth can be used. It goes for wet colors and slurry mixes.

Smita’s Advice

So go ahead, have some fun with colors or even scrap materials and design your patios, your doorsteps and other open parts of your home with a Rangoli. In addition, yes, it can be done anytime, without or without festivals.

Smita Recommend


YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


More than 100‘s of Amazing Rangoli Designs and Patterns


Book – Rangoli Patterns


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Depressed ?

How to handle Emptiness, Loneliness and Depressed feelings? loneliness

Feeling depressed, feeling empty or lonely inside may happen due to various reasons; the loss of spouse, divorce, the empty nest syndrome, the infidelity of the spouse, the indifferent attitude from the family members, the financial crisis, a prolonged illness, the deep winter months, low self esteem and more.

Let’s look at the following few tips to manage your inner engineering:


1. Handling Loneliness and emptinessLoneliness is the mind numbing feeling of expression, Handling Loneliness and emptinesswhich is trapped inside and which you are unable to share with the people you would like to, due to one reason or the other. It could be due to the loss of some one very close to you and the feeling of overwhelming sadness and the resultant pain and hurt. It could even be the physical loneliness and your need for sharing the salt with some one during your regular meals.

The obvious remedy for this is to reach out to people and enrol them in your remedial list.

2. Start visiting people: Sometimes, you will be surprised to find that people don’t reach out to you because of their own circumstances and not out of any specific reason against you.

They would well be struggling under their own stress factors, their awkward work schedule, their household problems and issues and more. Hence, you could reach out to them and open up the communication channels.

3Convert your feelings into something concrete: Express your feelings through writing, painting, music, sculpture or dancing. Start maintaining a dairy or a blog.

4. Network with the world: Becoming active in the social networking sites would be an amazing remedy to the feeling of emptiness or loneliness.

5. Volunteer: Locate NGOs who caters to the interests of the people of your age and issues; whether widowed, divorced, lost some one close to you or being a senior person with physical illness, you start working with them. You will find it a soothing remedy to your hurt feelings.

6. Reach out to the virtual world: Make the word wide web as your knowledge centre; do some research, learn a lot of new things, donate to the cause of wonderful knowledge based sites. Write for them or type out their books or repair errors in their grammar.

Send E-Greetings or mails to sites where the members would be glad to receive a mail even from an anonymous person. The dark side of the world is full of people longing to hear a word from some one or longing to exchange a few words with some one. Shine a ray of happiness on them. Give them a few precious minutes of happiness. Your darkness will get lifted out of you automatically.

Handling Depression

Women are more prone to depression than men. They are emotionally vulnerable and thereHandling Depression is this trap door to depression waiting for them to trip on, merely on the onset of hurt, pain or any unwanted emotional circumstances in their lives.

They go through depression during pregnancy, during menopause, due to their poor body image, due to miscarriage, due to empty nest syndrome, continued negative feelings, stress and even due to their multi-tasking deficiencies.

They want to be so perfect in whatever they do that even their own inefficiency in completing a task or handling a situation gives raise to their feeling of ‘being down in the dumps’.

a. Stop blaming yourself and Start Moving: Do not watch depressing soap operas or cry with theStop blaming yourself helpless women in the movies over junk food on your sofa; get out of your home and get some sunshine and fresh air. Walk on and on till you feel tired looking at people and places. This will take your mind off for a while. Make it a habit. Stop blaming yourself for whatever had happened that had made you out to be a victim or a villain in the past.

b. Reach out to people: Call people and establish contact with friends and relatives you rely on the most. Share your inner engineering with them and win some consolation prizes. This will boost your morale. No need to tell your sob story time and again. Once is enough and move on to the next stage of gossiping, shopping, going out to films and theatricals with them; visit a restaurant all the way to the other part of the city for lunch. Get to know people around you, while you go for walking or shopping. Saying Hello to the people your instinct trusts may help too.

c. Try to deviate from the usual: Take a new route to work and observe the details on the way. Stop using your car for a couple of weeks and take a metro or an auto just for a change. Experience the inexperienced. If you customarily wear only suits, change to casuals and try saris. Say hello to your watchman, postman and your milk man, if any. Surprise some one you like a lot with a gift and enjoy the expression on their face. Do the undone and do with fire and passion.

d. Reach for healthy food and sleep: Replace the unhealthy food with healthy food. Exchange milk for cola. Increase the intake of water and aim for a good night’s sleep too.


Q. I am depressed all the time; I am unable to take care of my family well and am unable to handle my official tasks well too. I sometimes feel so useless and incapable of being successful at anything. I just don’t know to whom to turn to. Can you help me on this?

 First, wipe away your unworthy and inefficiency feelings. You are worth more. Do you sincerely feel that they keep you at work if you are not capable of handing your work efficiently?

 Most of the working women feel guilty about their home management and nourishment of their families. It’s alright if you feel so too. It does not mean that it’s true.

You should ask the opinion of your family about you. They will tell you how inevitable you are for their happiness and life. Realize your self-worthiness.

Finally, if this feeling of depression continues, you should enlist the help of a medical professional as well.

Smita’s Advice

There are so many ways of handling your inner demons; it is as easy for you to occupy them as it is for them to occupy your inner self.

“A pearl is a beautiful thing that is produced by an injured life. It is the tear (that result) from the injury of the oyster. The treasure of our being in this world is also produced by an injured life. If we had not been wounded, if we had not been injured, then we will not produce the pearl.”

- Stephan Hoeller

Remember Women! You are worth-more!

Smita Recommend


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Depression in Women

Handling Loneliness – Building Friendships

E-Book – Just the Facts: Dealing with Depression

Book – Overcoming Depression

Book – Handling Depression and Living Your Life

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Art of Matching Perfumes with a woman’s personality

Irresistible Fragrances
Irresistible Fragrances
“Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance – a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a woman’s personality. Without it there is something missing.”

-  Gianni Versace.

Always consider the quality and not the price of a product.

There are four major categories of fragrance for women:

Floral (Ex: Jasmine and Rose), Fresh (Ex: Citrus and Green leaves) Woody (Ex: warm wood and citrus) and Oriental (Ex: spice cents and vanilla).


1.Major categories of fragrance

a. Floral fragrance suits the type of woman whose personalityFloral fragrance is vivacious and who is an amazingly self confident person. Such a woman would naturally be the centre of attention wherever she goes.

b. Fresh fragrance suits the personality of woman who is cool, maintains low key with a laid back attitude, but has a wonderful sense of humor and be delightful to be with.

c. Oriental fragrance suits the personality of woman who is mysterious, sophisticated, kind of someone who is in control and a just wee bit dangerous too

d. Woody fragrance suits the personality of woman who is a bit stubborn; she is also a kind and compassionate woman, warm, wise and unique in her characteristics.

2.Seasonal Perfume Matching: Spring is the season of flowers and festivities, Seasonal Perfume joy, romance and happiness. The light, floral and citrus fragrance shall be suitable in the spring season for a woman.

Summer is the season of dazzling light, long evenings and bright moods. The light and fresh fragrance shall be suitable in the summer season for a woman.

Autumn is the season that is spiced up between two other seasons; the rich woody scents, a bit of spice and cinnamon shall be suitable in the autumn season for a woman.

Winter is dull, depressing and needs inspiration: The spicy, rich and fuller perfumes suits the winter time for her.

3.Perfumes and the time of the day: In order to match the perfume with the Rose Perfumestime of the day, a woman should be having a wardrobe of perfumes, to mix and match according to the variations in the timings of a day!

Science of smell says that your smell scene is at its peak in the mornings and progressively declines when the time moves on.

Wear a heavy and a bit overwhelming perfume in the morning. A fresh morning can take a heady perfume head on!

Wear a perfume that spells of intense, deeper and sultrier smells for the night. Some of the ingredients could be jasmine, amber, sandal wood, patchouli etc.

Wear floral, woody, green, and sweet and white floral in the afternoons. Afternoons are warm, sunny and are the right time to indulge in some laughter and light heartedness.


Q. I am confused. There are a lot of perfumes available on discounts all over the place. Can I go for it? I will have a wonderful collection of perfumes to suit my various moods.

You should always shop for the best names in the perfume market. They sure are costlier; however, they not only give you the value for money but also may save you from skin irritation, headaches, migraine, nausea, drowsiness and other health hazards.

Smita’s Advice

Both a woman and her perfume speak volumes about her class and how fabulous she is. However, compatibility of the perfume with the personality of a woman, seasons, her moods; even the compatibility of the perfume with the time of the day plays an important part in the “classy and fabulous” feature of a woman.

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

- CocoChanel

Smita Recommend


YouTube Preview Image


Choosing The Perfect Perfume For Your Personality

 Book - Perfumes, Splashes & Colognes

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No Multi-tasking

Don’t get caught with the multi-tasking Flu!

All through the day, our minds alternate between the physical, digital and the virtual world.Mono-tasking While working on a project, you look at your emails, call someone on the mobile, checking with children if they are back from school, exchange a few words with a colleague, worry about your sick family member, and think about the need for the shopping to be done, while planning about the car maintenance task and more.

At home, you switch on the TV, prepare snacks for the children, while looking at the text messages in the mobile; tidy up one of the rooms, worrying about the project deadline in a couple of days at work while wondering about the neighbour’s daughter! In the meanwhile, your mom calls up, you receive another text message and the children are waiting for your snacks; you also remember the clothes that had been left to dry in the morning in the clothesline!

Multi-tasking: is it a brain drain of a different style? Is it a train of thoughts and action getting derailed into more thoughts and less action?

You are so much used to multi-tasking that you don’t even realize that you do multi-tasking! You get ready to office with a glance at the morning news, a sip from out of the morning tea while handing over a shirt to your husband and extending a hand of help to the children. While attending the mobile, you tidy up the children’s books in their cupboard, your mind furiously working on the morning breakfast, lunch meeting at work and trying to fix up on a recipe for the dinner!

Oops! We do put on a lot of strain on our brain and body, with the result that the damning factors of anxiety, stress, restlessness and mild depression enter into our lives with wide merriment!


1. The Solution: Disconnect from multi-tasking firmly and unplug from the switch point of multi-tasking which depletes all your energy at one go. Either do one thing at a time or at least do related things at one time that wouldn’t put a strain on your brain.


Let’s look at some tips on how to relax your brain and focus on handling either one thing at a time or do a few related things at the same time:

2Brain Map: Time and again, the researchers had found and had agreed upon that our minds are made to focus on one thing at a time; the mind can handle different things simultaneously, provided the tasks are managed by different parts of the brain. The brain can also manage to multi-task if one of the tasks is so mundane that it does not need any conscious effort on the part of the brain. Ex: watering the plant, talking over the mobile, while drinking some orange juice.Handle your day in Blocks

You may not be able to do multiple tasks effectively that involves the use of the same brain area at the same time; like reading something, while adding up maths and texting a message on your mobile.

Hence, the remedy lies in working on a Single Task with a complete focus; after completing it you should move on to the next task. This will give raise to more productivity than trying to do all things all at once.

When you repeatedly do multi-tasking, what you really are doing is to multi-distract your brain, resulting in stress and reduced productivity in your tasks. You may start by doing many tasks, but may end up unfinished in most of them. Better would be to start on a single task, complete it and move on. Otherwise, you may start on a task, complete a chunk of it and work on another task, and come back again to finish off the first one!

3. Handle your day in BlocksAllot specific time for specific tasks. Draw up a To-Do List. Don’t get tempted to check mails while you are working on an urgent project. Allot a specific time for checking the mails, returning the phone calls, doing your household work, completing a project and for the other tasks.

4. Avoid distractions: When you are handling one job at one time in one block, keep the door closed on the other distractions. When you are working on a PowerPoint program, work ONLY on the .ppt. You should close down and switch off the rest of the distraction from that block, like your mobile, the mails, casual chat with your colleagues, thoughts about your family and more. Just distract the distractions and concentrate on your earmarked task.

5. Improve on your Concentration: Doing one thing at one time will be more effective if you will totally be focused on your job. Take measures to improve on your concentration, like meditation and other Zen Habits.

6. Club together similar tasks: Clubbing together the similar tasks like responding to all the missed calls or sending out the pending emails at one go etc. shall make your work more easily compared to doing unrelated tasks in one block.

7. Stop vague day dreaming: Many of us start doing a task, but then get interrupted Take Multi-Breaksby our own thoughts; we start travelling back and forth from past to future in our minds. The past may hurt or it might make you to feel guilty, whereas the future thoughts would makes you to feel financially insecure. There may well be a hundred reasons for your mind to start getting wandered into the chaos territory. Pulling the mind back into the present is the most important aspect of your completing your task within the set time limits. It needs a lot of practice, but it has to be done.

8. Take Multi-Breaks: We try to stop multi-tasking to improve on our efficiency and to reduce the stress and anxiety on our mind and on our body. Taking multiple breaks of short duration shall help you to relax more and to feel more calm and peaceful in mind. Stretch your body, raise your hands and take your legs for a walk. Drink fruit juice instead of tea or coffee.


Q. I simultaneously try to do a number of things and end up doing nothing fruitful and notsay no to Multi-tasking much work getting accomplished. However, I never know any other way of working except multi-tasking. I just don’t know how to take it easy as I get stressed up a lot. How to slow down?

Been there and done that! We are discussing here how not to do multi-tasking and to take one step at a time in order to complete one task at a time with focus and attention.

Multi-tasking has become a fast spreading virus now, giving rise to stress in our day to day life. You should become a part of the peace keeping force like meditation or any other relaxation techniques; you should switch off your communication network at least for an hour every day. Our forefathers were alive before the advent of the modern communication network and so will we, at least for a few short hours every day!

Live more in the present; relax with your family and talk more with the physical people and not just to the virtual ones. Take a long winded breath to feel the inner calm multiple times during the day.

The chances are there that you may see the results of the restorative properties sooner or later.

 Finally, do not allow others to take advantage of you; most of the time, we are not able to say No to our family, friends, neighbors  colleagues and others. We are always ready to do a favor for all and sundry because we are not into saying an emphatic No in favors of us! We just add a couple of more tasks in our lengthy multi-tasking list, ending up with frustration, stress and depression.

Start saying No to people if you are not able to help some one whenever that some one needs your help. You don’t need to go out of the way to help others and hurt yourselves in the process. You should do something for the others, if you can and if you feel comfortable in doing the favour.

Smita’s Advice

You should get into the habit of mono-tasking as against the multi-tasking; you would feel more relaxed, more at peace with yourself and  may even get more work done than before!

Multi-tasking is actually less productive compared to doing one or two thing at a time with focus.

Smita Recommend


YouTube Preview Image


Mono-tasking: the new stress reliever

Stop Multitasking, Start Monotasking

E-Book – How (and Why) to Stop Multitasking



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Art of Painting and Drawing

The prime twins of the Fine Arts Art of Painting

Drawing is the basis of painting; Most of the paintings start with rough sketches of drawings to bring out the creativity of the painter. Whereas drawing uses lines and shades, painting uses colors and designs.

Shade, line and object drawing are some of the types of drawings; oil, water, landscapes and portraits, real life and still paintings and religious painting are some of the type of paintings.

However, the art and science of drawing and painting are the same; both are fine arts and needs the use of specialized part of your brain, a spectacular imagination, a fine vision and amazingly skilled hands.

Just like a writer brings out her emotions through her words, phrases and sentences; a dancer depicts her feelings through facial expressions and body language, a drawing artist and a painter expresses her sensitivity and imagination through lines, strokes, shades, colours and hues.

Both drawing and painting can be created either through the physical format or through the e-format.

There is software available for painting on the net like Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop and Fireworks; there is also software available on the net for drawing like Designer, CorelDraw and Freehand.

However, a lot of people would like to use the hand painting and physical drawing materials for the sheer joy and happiness, while indulging in these fine arts.

There are a few general tips given below to help you on the prime fine arts of drawing and painting:


1. Sketch Book: Carry the sketch book with you wherever you go: it’s the rough sketch medium ofbrushes your imagination and creativity. You may further draw on them based on your initial thoughts.

2. Easel: The best method of drawing on an Easel is to stand up and draw; keep distance between the easel and your hands, wrists and fingers so that you can move your pencil freely and also maintain a clear view of your art in progress.

3. Pencils: Pencils have different levels of thickness; HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B etc. and are available in different degrees of blackness like average hardness and black, soft and black and very softness and black etc.

According to the type of your painting, you should choose the thickness and blackness of your pencils.

4. Change the pencils: You may even use the charcoal pencils, in colours of white, black and grey for better drawing output. Charcoal pencils are available in various grades of various tones as well.

5. Sharpeners: Pencil sharpeners should be used frequently to maintain the required sharpness of the pencils.

6. Erasers: Use the non dust erasers to save the texture of the paper: you may also use electric or battery operated erasers.

7. Watercolors: Use acrylic painting brushes for watercolor  this will create a nice line effect andwater color a great stroke effects, different from the sable brush every one uses.

8. Use mixed media: Allow your creativity flow through you; add anything to your canvass, even to the extent of fake flowers, glitters, beads and feathers. Let your imagination speaks to the wind, sand, sea, artifices and the works!

9. Use Gloves: Wear gloves on your hands to avoid the smudge marks getting on to your hands and on to your art work. However, you should change the gloves, when the smudges appear on them.

10. Paper Towels: Replace your regular paper towels with soft paper towels; this way, less lint particles shall enter into your artwork. They are also soft on your brushes.

11. Air Purifier: Use air purifier to clear the air to avoid headaches, nausea and other health issues while painting. Your painting materials are filled in with chemicals, which though create beautiful paintings, but are sometimes, detrimental to your health.

How to maintain the painting art materials:

12. Brush in use: The tip of your brush should be pointing down, when you hang them to dry after Brushcleaning. This will help to get all the moisture to dry away from the tip ferrule.

13. Brush in store: You may use plastic ice cube trays (the non stick types) for storing the paints and for keeping them fresh, while in use. Once the painting is done, keep plastic wrap on top of the trays and store them in plastic containers.

While storing, keep the faces of your paint brush, whether it is Rigger Brush, Fan Brush, Mop Brush and Flat or Round brush, always up to lengthen their life time. You may buy Artist Brush Holder for this purpose.

Finally, exercise safety measures in your Art Studio or the work place or your art room. As the art materials are full of chemicals and toxins, caution needs to be taken to maintain your well being. Wash your hands before leaving the studio. Do not eat or drink anything in the studio. If there are cuts in your hands, wear gloves to keep the crack away from the chemicals. Use a proper ventilator system. During cleaning, avoid exposure to solvents.


I am not a beginner exactly: but still, I am unable to bring forth what I want onto the of drawingSomething eludes me all the time and I am not happy with the final product. Some days, I even stop painting and look at the white mass of the canvass, as though it is the answer for all my questions. How to get what I want out of my work?

Getting discouraged in the fine arts is nothing new: None other than Vincent Van Gogh has gone through that phase:

“In spite of everything I shall rise again: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing”.

- Vincent Van Gogh

Persistence and Practice are the only answers in expressing your exact imagination on to the canvass. Practice with persistence. Get on with your drawing and painting.

You may also join in a course relevant to your interests in painting, thereby, understand and clarify your queries, improve on your work and finally catch hold of that elusive satisfaction which you are looking for in your final product.

Smita’s Advice

To Quote Vincent Van Gogh again:

“As practice makes perfect, I cannot but make progress; each drawing one makes, each study one paints, is a step forward.”

(Letter to Theo van Gogh, c.29 October 1883)

Three Ps, Practice, Progress and Perfection and the key factors of both drawing and painting. You will achieve tremendous results when you follow the “P” path!

Smita Recommend


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How to Take Care of Your Art Materials

E-Book – Art of learning drawing

Book – The Art of Painting

Book – The Art of Drawing


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Common sense

Common sense is the measure of the possible; it is composed of experience and prevision; it is calculation applied to life”.

- Henri Frederic Amiel.

Common sense! How can two simple words be so complicated? I assure you, they are.


1. Trust instincts: The basic common sense is to trust your instinct and rely on your guts. It will Trust instinctssave you from unwanted situations and unreliable people.

2. Do not take any one on their face value: a person always plays multiple roles in his life. He is a son, a husband, a father, a relative, a friend, a colleague and a stranger to unknown people.  Sometimes, a stranger can do things, a son and a father might never do and hence, rely on your observation about someone and not on the good things you have heard about him. The moment that someone makes you to feel uneasy, leave the place at the first given opportunity or better, create your first opportunity to leave.

3. Look at what lies in front of you: Apply your experience, expertise and explore the options of making the most out of your situation. That’s the basic common sense.

4. Think on your feet and it shall solve more than half your problems Understand, Think on your feet accept and be friendly with all groups of people. You may never know when you may need the help of some one or any one. Courteous people always score with the others.

5. Body language scores even better than the verbal language. Don’t shrug your shoulders, fold your hands in front of your body or show displeasure on your face on seeing someone you may not like.

6. Be knowledgeable and be a good conservationist. Be aware of the current affairs, economy, politics, share market and a bit of everything, so that you may be able to converse with anyone of any stature.

7. Good Listener: You should be a good listener. You see, we all want to be heard and no one is willing to listen. Listen to people and they will love you for this.


Q What is the difference between being street smart and having a common sense?

Street smartness is an unsophisticated type of common sense; rather common sense is the sophisticated form of street smartness.

Smita’s Advice
Body language

Common sense surpasses educational qualifications and always comes in handy. Its more logical in nature.

Like Thomas A.Edison said,

The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense”.

Smita Recommend


YouTube Preview Image


How to Develop Common Sense

E-Book - Common Sense

Book - Common Sense

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Women and Personal Crisis Management

A personal crisis can make you feel as though your life is spinning out of control.

Sometimes, even someone in her own family works against her. It could be her parent, her sibling, her relative and her intimate partner for life. Sometimes, a woman goes through battering, mental torture, unspeakable offenses, financial abuse, authoritativeness and power politics in her own family structure and circumstances.

These are few tips you can keep in mind through this period of time.


1. Domestic violence and other heinous crimes: If you go through abuse in your own family, you may need to take an immediate action as follows:

2. Stash away: Stash away as much money as possible in any tin or in any solid box and stash the box away from the abuser(s). Include your home and car keys, policies, bank books and other important documents; get a new mobile set along with a pre-paid calling card for contacts with the outside world. Keep the box safe, secure and secret!

3. Keep yourself safe: Even though, you may not be able to get away from your placetake help from police immediately; plan and wait for the very first opportunity to leave your house.

4. Dependable people: Identify the people in your family and friends who are sincerely dependable and who may help you when you need them the most. Keep their numbers readily available in your stash box.

5Collect contacts: Be alert and aware of the address of the nearby NGO centre, Domestic violence or crisis shelter, support groups etc.

6Take Help: You may always enlist the help of the Police, the Government agencies and the private social service organizations. Note down their emergency help numbers.

7. Collect Proof: Collect possible proofs of the violence and abuse by the perpetrator(s), which may help you when you file a case against them.
 place of safety

8. Get away: Get away at the first opportunity from the abuser and reach the place of safety.

9. Complaint: You may file a complaint against the abuser with the police and may enlist the help of a lawyer to proceed further in this case.

10. Counselling: Enrol yourself into free or paid counselling services. You may need them.


Divorce:Divorce effects on children

Divorce is another crisis in a woman’s life. A woman enters into the sanctity of matrimony hoping that the partner shall remain with her for her life. She works hard in taking care of her family and a divorce shatters her beyond words. However, everything has got a remedy. If you are going through divorce, you may need to do the following:

  1.  Enlist yourself for one to one counselling, crisis counselling or self help groups.
  2. Talk freely to the emotional help lines and discuss your issues.
  3. Talk to people you trust in your family and friends and share your hurt or depressed feelings.
  4. Maintain your dignity and self esteem and restart your life.

Work Place Harassment:

Wikipedia says that,

Harassment covers a wide range of behaviors of an offensive nature. It is commonly understood as behaviour intended to disturb or upset, and it is characteristically repetitive. In the legal sense, it is intentional behaviour which is found threatening or disturbing. Sexual Harassment refers to persistent and unwanted sexual advances, typically in the workplace, where the consequences of refusing are potentially very disadvantageous to the victim.

If you are undergoing any such crisis at your work place; you may have to consider the following:

  1.  Protest immediately; tell the offender that his behaviour is not acceptable. Period!
  2.  Witness: Remember or write down the names of the witnesses, if any.
  3.  Inform: Inform a trusted co-worker(s)
  4.  Find solution: Find out if others have been harassed like you are; enlist their help. Try to find out a solution to the problem.
  5.  Complaint: Complaint to the higher authority in your organization, immediately after the first harassment; don’t delay or don’t wait for it to happen again.
  6.  Family: Inform some one in your family or in your friend circle.
  7.  Leave the job: If the situation gets worse or doesn’t improve; if you feel unsafe or uneasy, change the job to a better organization.

You deserve more!

Crisis on roads:

  1.  Someone follows: When some one follows you or tries to talk to you and when you feel Street Fightsuneasy about it, try to blend in with a group which is walking close by you and where women are present and walk with them, asking casual queries about something, anything. If not possible, seek out a senior person or some one with a child and start talking to them. Leave as soon as you can without attracting the attention of your pursuer.
  2.  Life threatening situation: If any one threatens you with a knife or a gun for your bag or wallet, just handover the things to him while raising an alarm. Run away from there. You can always file FIR for your things and block your mobile number, credit and debit cards etc later.
  3. Street Fights: On the onset of any street fights, strike or violence, leave the locality immediately and reach a safe place to safeguard your own interests.



Q. Though I am a newcomer, I am the best of the lot in my department. However, a small group of my co-workers bully me from time to time; sometimes, I feel that they want me out of the organization. My other co-workers ignore them and are indifferent to my flight. I just can’t understand this.

Easy in itself: The bullies are afraid of you because you are the best around the place and the co-workers are afraid of the bullies and hence, they don’t take your side.

The bullies can not measure up to your efficiency and effectiveness. They have no other way of showing their immaturity and resentment on this score except bullying. Ignore them, if possible. If they persist, complain about them to your department head.

If the company doesn’t take effective steps, leave the company. It’s their loss and not yours.

The above tips are just meant to be a common guide and not the exact solution for the problems being faced by you. Individual problems may vary from person to person and so are their solutions.


Smita’s Advice

          “Woman…can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens.
She holds happiness, love and opinions.
She smiles when feeling like screaming.
She sings when she feels like crying, cries when she is happy and laughs when she is afraid…
She gives herself so her family can thrive…

Her love is unconditional.

She cries when her kids are victorious…

There is only one thing wrong with her
we forget what she is worth.

- Author Unknown.

A woman is all these and much more! Sometimes, people simply “forget what she is worth”.


Smita Recommend


YouTube Preview Image


 Crisis Control

Book - Everyday Crisis Management








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