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Women, the Creator of the Creativity!

“There’s a woman at the beginning of all great things.”Creativity

-Alphonse de Lamartine

 Of Course, there is!

God took a lot of time and care while creating the woman, as she was destined to be the creator of multitudes of things in her life and for her family.

Call it her creative outlet, a hobby, her passion or even her slight weakness; a woman likes to do a lot of her work herself, whether it is sewing and stitching the clothes, decorating her house with flowers, wrapping up her gifts to the others, breeding her pets, making her scrap book et all!

Creative people are sensitive ones; they think more with their hearts than with their minds.

The world is full of options when you want to channelize your creativity into constructive ways! Just a few common tips to help you in identifying some of the options that could suit your style of creativity:


1. Stitching and Sewing: Stitching, Sewing, Knitting, Embroidery and Quilting is as old as the Stitching and Sewinghuman history; even today, it is the favorite past time of a lot of women. A woman feels pride in making clothe and quilts for herself and for her family. Sewing is also an exercise to the body, however old fashioned this activity seems to some people.

2. Gardening, Tree Arts and Landscaping: Gardening in and around your home is a hobby unlike any other hobbies; it exercises and gives fresh air to the body, provide a blanket of greenery and colour therapy to the eyes and a sense of calm and peacefulness to the heart and mind. Taking up gardening is quite easy too.

3. Flower ArrangementFlower arrangement around your home is an amazing talent and flowerFlower Arrangement arrangement as a business would do more to augment your bank balance.

4Reading and Writing: Reading enriches your mind and makes you a knowledgeable person. Writing enriches your soul and makes you the Queen of the characters you develop in your book and the articles you write in your notepad. You can derive an amazing happiness in looking at the happy faces of the people who read your work.

If you are not comfortable in writing professionally, you may always indulge in writing blogs. A blog is the mirror of an individual heart; what you think of can be shared with the people of your choice or to the public in general.

5. Fine Arts: The fine arts of Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Dance, Drama, Music , Rangoli  and Theatricals; indulging in any of these arts opens doors for creativity, peacefulness, stress-free state of mind and happiness for you.

It is not necessary that you should be an expert in any of these fields; if you are, that would be fabulous. However, if you are not, nothing is lost and there is a lot to be gained from developing your creativity in any of these activities.

Painting can even be done on ceramics, glass and pots. You can draw murals around your room. You don’t need a specific canvass, when the whole world could be your canvass to paint around with.

If Music is the reflection of your soul, then dance is the reflection of your heart. You may adopt some one’s style or may even develop your own style of these twin arts.

Drawing and Sculpture are the true creations of the mind; the visual appeal drawn with pencils is a
 Photographydelight to any one’s heart.

Sculpture can be made even out of discarded household goods, old plastic bottles, office supply, CD shards, paper and driftwood. Sculpture is not necessarily made with stone or bronze anymore!

6. Photography: Photography is an art in itself; a picture is a visual therapy that captures the colors
  forms, lines and designs into the mental camera.

A landscape picture could relax you. A nature picture may delight you. A human picture may capture your imagination and a serenity picture may calm you down. A picture, of course, speaks more than a thousand words!

 Artificial Jewelry

7. Artificial Jewelry and Artifice: Artificial jewelry and artifice can even be made at your home;
you may however, need to undergo a course on this to get into the knack of making of them.

There are so many creative ways of spending your time and energy; such an art will enhance your capabilities, calibre and physical and mental dynamics.


I am a successful business woman and even though, I would very much like to spend time on any creative activity, I am unable to do so due to my heavy-duty work schedule. How can I do something on my own in the field of creativity?

Being a successful woman in business is in itself certifies your creativity; you have come up in the man’s world to be a successful business woman and that can not be achieved on minor terms.

Any success need a measure of creative thinking, application of the vision to the future, converting the thinking into practice and thereby, reaping the benefits of your idea or creative thinking into competitive advantage.

However, try to develop some hobby, which can help you to De-stress from work. All you need is to do some time management and prioritization. Things automatically fall in place.


Smita’s Advice

Creating something new or mending something old helps you to channelize your happiness. Creativity helps you in easing your stress out, gives you a tremendous sense of accomplishment, helps you in bonding with the others (when you gift them the products of your creativity) and assist you in earning a constant income on the side.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”.  G.B. Shaw


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Being Charismatic and Charming


“Charisma is the transference of enthusiasm.”Being Charismatic

Ralph Archbold quotes

“Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question”.

Albert Camus

Charm and Charisma are more similar than different from each other in their attributes. Both talk about the personality of some one; the enthusiasm of someone, the care that some one give to the others, the comfort with which they make others to feel etc.

Recently, I had attended a function at a friend’s place; as soon as I had entered, I had noticed the host amongst the sea of other faces. In a way, no one could escape noticing her; she was floating around the party, exchanging pleasantries with people, her eyes intent on the ones with whom she was talking to, bending over a toddler hugging him with dancing eyes; she was in general behaving like a perfect host that she was, may be better!

She was not beautiful in the strict sense of the word. But something about her was so charming and that something had made me to look at her and had made me to continue to do so.

Presently, she was talking to some one with a lovely smile; she was looking directly into his eyes, had focussed totally on his face, as though excluding the rest of the world from that moment; she must have been sharing with him something interesting that had made him to smile broadly. In seconds, she had arranged cool drinks for him and had asked about his comforts. When she left him, I saw the dazed look on his face, a sort of pleasant drowsiness that had shown me that the thoughts of hers were still lingering on his mind, like the lingering fragrance from some one that had crossed his path.Charm and charisma! The words can never be defined completely; however the dictionaries may try to do so. I had just tried!

What attracts you to some one and what makes that some one as the centre of a party, meeting, at work and even in the family?

People who are genuinely interested in you

People, who are focused on you

People who make you to feel comfortable and special

People who treat you as an equal to them

People who make you to smile from the heart

People who are kind to you

People who are sympathetic, generous and are approachable

People who show respect to you and

People who make positive comments about you;

Those are the people you are attracted to and those are the people whom you think are charming and charismatic!


1. Like the others: Show an interest in people, make positive comments on them, make them to feel at ease, be Charming kind to them, show respect to them and spread smiles a mile and they will be yours. It does not even need a practice!

2. Listen to people: Most of the people don’t allow others to complete their sentence. They had to interfere, thereby creating irritation and discomfort for the other person. Listen; is it such a complicated thing to do so? By listening to the others, you help in boosting their self respect and confidence levels.

3. Show self confidence: When you walk through the doors people should respond to your positive vibes involuntarily. Maintain a straight posture, keep your handshake firm and meet the others in the eyes. Introduce yourself clearly by name.

When Oprah enters the stage in the Oprah Winfrey talk show; when Nelson Mandela gets up to speak on any platform, when you look at the dazzling blue eyes of Paul Newman and the emotion filled face of Meryl Streep; they are charming and you are charmed!

Their charisma is mysterious in a certain way, lingering on your hearts even after they leave the stage or when the film is over, whatever the case may be! Their confidence levels are so high that you tend to love them, clearing a space in your hearts for them to stay there forever!

Show an enormous self confidence and claim the stage as your own!

4. Engage people in good conversation: Knowledge about the current affairs, present political and economic scenario helps. Speak with conviction. Be sure in what you want to convey.

People love themselves. Show interest to learn about them.


Q. I am a young woman. Though I would like to be charming in the party circles and would like to be quite young womanpopular, I am unable to overcome my introvert nature. How should I go about it?

Like any other art, charming is an art and a talent that can be developed easily and being charismatic is at the ripening end of being a charming woman.

Always talk about the others and not about yourself to them. Listen to what they have to say carefully with a nice smile. Compliment people and they would love you just for that. Carry your self confidence just like you carry your bag and accessories. Treat people as equivalent to you and be ready to tell little and interesting stories to people. When you meet some one at the next time, remember to compliment them by calling their name.

Finally, don’t go overboard on anything. Being a woman set your limits and be watchful for people’s body language. If you feel uncomfortable around some one, especially with strangers and in parties, clear out of that place.

Smita’s Advice

When the rocket science is an acquired science, surely learning to charm others or being charismatic in your approach, should not be a big problem. Practice and you will become one!

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Becoming a Disciplined Person


E-Book – Disciplined at Work

Book – 21 Days To A More Disciplined Life

Book – The Disciplined Life

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Being Disciplined

Is it too hard to work on?

There is a video named, “Try to Watch without Crying” uploaded by XEDV on Oct race track18, 2011 to You should watch it!

It is an amazingly extra-ordinary video of a runner Derek Redmond, who had participated in the Barcelona 92 Olympics. He had seriously injured himself during the race and despite an agonizing pain which we could feel in our hearts through our tear filled eyes, he ran; limping, a bit stumbling, crying and taking the support of his father.  He had ended up as the symbol of the true Olympian at the standing ovation of 65,000 audiences at the stadium.

I had tried, I tried to “watch without crying”, but I couldn’t!

It’s the classic case of an amazingly spectacular persistence capability and the great power of self discipline. A capacity to forge forward, focusing only towards your achieving of the target, irrespective of your emotions, pains, discomforts, distractions and disturbances. That’s precisely what is called as self discipline.

Self Discipline can be exercised with regard to any part of your life and or on any decision you take; if your aim is to become the next head of your company, if your aim is to make you child to stand at the top of his class, if you aim is to reduce your weight, if your aim is to become the best sprinter at your college, if your aim is to keep a smooth relationship with your extended family and if your aim is to … (you should fill in the blanks here)

It’s exactly like the sprinter springs forward running towards the marked mark on the moment he hears the whistle, without stopping for any pain, circumstances, disturbances and distractions.


1. Persistence: It is the most beautiful word ever found in the English dictionary,  Persistencegoes well beyond your love and hugs.

You set a goal; set your time limits; start on the action and move on towards the action despite any hindrances. Persistence!

It will make a world of difference to your reaching or forgoing your set targets.

2. Procrastination: It is the classic villain bounces on your self discipline methods; postponing something for tomorrow everyday makes the tomorrow never comes calling you home. Self discipline and procrastination can not stay in the same place. Hence, choose action and not inaction or the postponement of action for some other time.

3Move Forward: Whether you want to take it easy or move on fast towards your set goal, let us say, on implementation of your diet control program, just do something. Take some action.

Start your program with three days a week and gradually fast forward to five days a week. Work in small steps if you feel overwhelmed in taking big steps. Just move forward. Only status stands at the same place. You are not one, are you?

4. Enlist the help of others: Once you start working on a goal, enlist the help of your family, close friends and colleagues.

In the classic case of the weight loss program, your friend may stop tempting you with junk foods, your family might co-operate with you
Self-Appreciationon healthy drinks and your colleagues could leave you alone with the salads for lunch. Enlist the help of at least a few people who understands your seriousness towards
reaching your set target.

5. Self-AppreciationThe moment you had reached a set target with success, be expansive on the self appreciation. Take yourself for a cup of coffee. Buy a couple of clothes. Get some fancy accessories. After the celebration, move on to the next set target.


Q. Just like multi-tasking, I undertake multi-targeting on certain goals. Being DisciplinedSometimes, it works, however, most of the time, it doesn’t! How to go about it?

It must naturally be working, when your goals are complementary to each other and not contradictory to one another. For example, if you continue to eat the fattening food items while expecting great results on being fit and fancy, it doesn’t work!

Create goals that are complementary and work on them simultaneously; am sure, you will succeed.

Smita’s Advice

When the goals are contradictory, set them one by one and achieve them on a priority basis.

Self-discipline is an act of cultivation. It requires you to connect today’s actions to tomorrow’s results. There’s a season for sowing a season for reaping. Self-discipline helps you know which is which”.

-      Gary Ryan Blair

Only when you sow the seeds of self-discipline, can you reap the benefits of self growth.

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YouTube Preview Image

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Self Discipline: Its Benefits and Importance

Self-Discipline – The Foundation For Success

E- Book – Importance of discipline

Book - 21 Days To A More Disciplined Life

Book - The Disciplined Life

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Reciting Books – Voice Modulation

Do you watch the animation films? Have you ever wondered how we get engrossedVoice Modulation with the characters in such films whether they speak, cry, laugh and even sleep with all their hearts? I especially love Robin Williams for his energetic, enthusiastic and amazingly animated background voice. You see, there’s something wonderful in getting into the soul of the character and speaks through it to you! That’s what he does and that’s what you should do too while you are reading the written words.

When you’ll become the character itself, then all the emotions shall start coming out of your voice automatically. You give life to the characters in the book(s) and you can see the crowd getting mesmerized with you. If you laugh, they laugh and if would crease your forehead and they would do that too!

The following are some of the tips to bring in and improve on the art of reciting books with an amazing voice modulation:


1. Recite with conviction: We read books to our children and we automatically make noises according to the characters in the book, whether it is a tiger, lion or a bird. We change our voices unconsciously to suit the characters when we read stories to our children. In the same way, when you would recite the written words with a complete conviction, then the listeners will hang on to your words and will totally be focused on you.

2. Preparation: Preparation is always the best thing to do. Before the actual Preparationrecitation, you should prepare in advance, read the book a few times, no need to memorize the details, but just read, so that you will know the grammar areas, the emotional areas and the areas where you should go slow, or take a breather; a special emphasis should be given to the correct pronunciation of the words too.

3. Voice pitch and volume: It is imperative that you should give importance to your voice pitch and the volume; ban your personal emotions in the real life and become a part and parcel of the book you are going to recite to your audience.

4. Slow and steady recital: You should recite the book slowly, without mumbling, so that the audience will capture the picture of the book through your voice. Rushing into the completion with nervousness shall never help you.

5. Record your voice to listen: If possible, before the actual recitation, audio or
video record your voice while reading the book and listen to it carefully for pitfalls. Nobody is perfect and you will be surprised to find a lot of areas for improvement.

Well, improve on them.

6. Dress and posture: Well dressed with a good
Record your voice posture, eye contact with the audience, relaxed body movement and self confidence shall help in deporting you to the pages of the book to recite as is required.

7. Dress carefully: However, make a note that the attire should be free around your vocal chords so as not to disturb while you are making your recitation.

8. Maintain Hygiene: It is also highly important that you maintain your vocal, chest and nasal hygiene, so that your voice will come across well modulated, while you are on the job.

9. Flow with words: You don’t need to do anything extraordinary; just flow with the words, sentences, paragraph and the pages. The audience will sway with you, will focus on you and will appreciate you.


Q. I always struggle with the stage fright despite being well prepared on the contents. It becomes difficult for me to recite comfortably while on the stage. How to overcome the stage fear?

Even the seasoned speakers feel butterflies in their stomach when they mount on the stage and there is absolutely nothing wrong in feeling the stage fright. You may try the following:

  1. Practice, practice and practice some more,  in front of the mirror, in front of your family and friends and in front of anyone trustworthy who is willing to listen to you.
  2. Do not loose any chance of talking in front of a group, known or unknown, give presentations in the college and at work.
  3. Put on a big smile and think positively of your recitation. Visualize that people will really enjoy having you on stage reciting from the book and loving it!
  4. You can do it!

Q  Can voice modulation be useful in my professional sphere?

Voice modulation is an extremely important skill for those whose work is frequented by presentations and speeches. It is vital to hold the attention of your audience for a long duration, and voice modulation makes you effective.

Smita’s Advice

The amazing voice modulation shall only be possible if you would become a part of the scenery, a part of the book and you if would get into the soul of the character itself.

Wouldn’t it be so amazing to listen to a well modulated voice which would leave a lasting effect like Ben Jonson said

“The voice so sweet, the words so fair, as some soft chime had stroked the air; And though the sound had parted thence, still left an echo in the sense.”

Smita Recommend


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Tips on Voice Modulation When Doing Public Speaking

Voice Training

E-Book – Voice Training 

Book - Complete Handbook of Voice Training

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Handling Medical Emergencies

We all are surrounded by medical problems, emergencies, accidents and other Medical Emergencieshealth issues; however, we never realize the need for learning to cope with the any of them.

We see accidents happen from time to time and wouldn’t know how to save a person. We see someone struggling through a heart attack but wouldn’t know how to take care of him.

We women in general feel emotionally so vulnerable that we refuse to acknowledge the probability of medical emergencies happening to us or to some one close to us. We believe, like everybody else, that things happen only to the others.

Like weather, life’s tips and turns are never predictable. If it can be, we would all be Gods on our own. Hence, it’s important to think of the health emergencies and should equip ourselves in order to face them.


1. Before you try to help others, help yourselves: Protect your hands and skin with gloves, towel, shirt etc. when you are helping a person covered with blood, tissues, body fluids etc. While you are giving first aid to someone, do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth. It is important to avoid getting infected with diseases, when you are trying to help others.

2. First Aid: First aid is the steps that are taken in order to care for a person before the medical help arrives. Because of the lack of first aid so many people die all over the world. In lot many cases, it makes a huge difference between the very life and the death.

3. Cuts and Grazes:

a. At home: Cuts and grazes are easy to handle: wash cut and  woundthe wound with soap and water. If it is minor, you could even clean it with Dettol or any other antiseptics. Use clean pad to press on the bleed till it stops. Cover with a sterilized bandage. If it is a minor cut, an ordinary band aid would do. Check on it from time to time. You may change the band aid or bandage in between when you check on it. Once it gets healed, you may remove it. If you feel that it gets infected, a visit to a doctor is a must.

4. In case of Accidents: 

a. Be Calm: Calm down yourself; breathe deeply and understand that you are going to help save someone who is in a critical position and that’s one of the finest things to do in the world.

b. Evaluate the Situation: Evaluate the seriousness of the situation:  Check for the
In case of Accidents ABC of a person: airway (unobstructed airway), breathing and presence of pulse points in the major body parts, like wrist, carotid artery etc.

c. Get help: Call for emergency assistance, call an ambulance or contact a nearby hospital as the case may be.

d. Do not move the injured person: If it is a case of serious injury, do not move the injured person, unless it is unsafe for the person to be left where he is. Moving a person is more injurious in case of head and spinal cord injuries etc.

e. Calm the victim: Speak to a conscious victim to reassure him; do not to alarm him by talking about the seriousness of his injury.

f. Accident Site: Do not disturb the accident site, except to administer first aid and call for medical assistance.

g. Severe Bleeding: A clean towel, a clean T Shirt or any available clean cloth should be placed on top of the bleeding and the victim or you may press your hand on it to stop the bleeding or to reduce the severity of the bleeding. If possible, raise the wounded area above the level of the heart of the victim. Wait for the help to arrive.

5. In Case of Fracture: Keep the fractured area immobilized. Try to place a small pillow or a folded blanket or some such things between the injured area and the ground. Wait for the help to arrive.

6. In case some one stops breathing: When some one has stopped breathingstops breathing, place him on his back on the floor. Place your fingertips under his jaw bone, while softly pressing his forehead down, lift his chin pointing upwards. This helps to make sure that his tongue is not blocking his throat way. Keep up this position for 10-15 seconds while you check for the obvious signs of breathing like the rise and fall of his chest, or the breathing from his mouth etc. When he starts breathing, keep him in the same position till the medical help arrives.

If he does not start breathing even after 10 seconds, you may have to give him mouth to mouth resuscitation.

7. In case of a person in shock: Help the person to lie down on his back on the floor with his feet raised so that the blood circulates to his brain.

Keep the person comfortable and warm; if possible, cover him with a blanket or a bed sheet.

Do not give anything to drink as he may get chocked on it.

Wait for the medical assistance to arrive.

8. In case of a burn victim: First and second degree burns can be treated by immersing or flushing with really cool water. Don’t use ice, ointments etc. Do not touch the blisters. Cover the third degree burns with a wet cloth. You may remove clothing and other wearing from the burn, but not the clothing that is stuck to the burns.  Wait for the medical help to arrive.

These are just a minuscule part of the medical emergency scenario: this should not be taken as a professional advice. It is always advisable to learn the first aid and medical emergency courses from professionals. Such training should be able to give you confidence and technical knowledge in dealing with such situations.


Q. When I see some one going through some medical emergency situation, even though I would like to help, I am unable to muster the courage to do so. I get extremely nervous, anxious and do not even know how to react. How can I help some one at that point of time?

It is the natural reaction for most of the people. We are used to a certain comfortable way of living; we just can not tolerate when some one goes through so much of pain and suffering in front of us. That’s why there is so much of respect to the doctors, who instead of becoming immobile, spring into action in saving a person’s life.

You should undergo a thorough course on medical emergency and first aid. A professional knowledge shall help you immensely in handling such situations in a much better way.

Q. What are the important contents of the first aid box at home?First Aid Kit

The recommended contents of first aid box are

A box of adhesive dressing (Plasters) of different sizes for covering small wounds. Blunt-ended scissors,  Antiseptic lotion to use with the cotton wool and antiseptic wipes.Cotton wool for cleaning cuts and gauzes. Some triangular bandages  Sterile dressings (field dressings) of various sizes for covering wounds. Sterile eye dressings with bandage attached for eye injuries. Aspirin or paracetamol preferably sealed in foil to give longer life. Anti histamine cream for insect bites and stings. Cream for cuts and burns. Tweezers for removing splinters. Tubular gauze bandages for finger injuries and applicator tongs. Two or three crepe or conforming bandages for sprains and for wounds in awkward places such as elbows and ankles.


Smita’s Advice

When there is a medical emergency happening in your presence, don’t get excited, nervous or get frozen in your tracks; take steps to help the affected person.

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

-John Bunyan

When you had helped some one in their desperate moments of stress, discomfort and pain, probably you have been blessed with a life time of happiness on every single day!


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First Aid & Emergencies

Dealing With Medical Emergencies

E-Book - Handling medical emergencies and job site injuries

Book - Handbook of First Aid and Emergency Care

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Flower arrangement and flower jewellery

All through the ages, women are compared to the flowers; flowers are the favorite instruments in the hands flower arrangementof the writers, painters, sculptures and others to compare them with the women.

Flowers have a way of understanding a woman’s heart; in a way flowers are like a woman; soft, endearing, exceptional, beautiful, sensitive and comes wearing lots of colors!

There is nothing better than flowers to give as a gift and there is nothing better than flowers to receive as gift. Whether you receive them as gifts or buy for your home, it’s important to know the basics of flower arrangement. There are a few general tips given as follows:


1. Types of Flower Arrangements: There are different types of flower arrangements viz., Free Standing arrangement, Hogarth’s Curve arrangement, vertical arrangement, horizontal arrangement, oval arrangement, minimal arrangement, crescent arrangement and Triangular arrangement.

2. Types of Flowers: Three MAIN types of flowers used in the flower arrangement shouldTypes of Flowers be taken note of, the Line flowers, Mass flowers and the Filler flowers.

3. Identify the types of flowers received by you or buy the flowers according to the types specified so that you shall be able to do the flower arrangement according to your chosen type as a visual treat to your family and friends.

4. Line Flowers: Just like their name suggests the Line flowers are the ones that add height and width to your flower base structure. Certain examples of such flowers are snapdragons, gladiolus, liatris, tuberose, curly willow, bells of Ireland, delphiniums etc.

5. Mass Flowers are the God Particle of the flower arrangement; they give the mass or the weight to the flowers. The lovely Rose comes under this category. Certain other examples are Tulips, Iris, Lilies, Daffodils, sunflowers, magnolias, daisies etc.

6. Filler Flowers: Filler flowers are the ones that fill in the space between the line and the mass flowers and give us the visual appeal of the flower arrangement.

7. Choose the container: Vase is the most common form of container used for the flower arrangement. You could try different forms of container, including synthetics, metal, stone, plastics, hand-painted containers, terra cotta, glass etc. Change the routine and bring in bright and shinning colour in the flower combination; keep it in the centre of the room. People will look delightedly star-struck!

8. Flowers submerged in water: Roses, lilies and a variety of orchids, sturdy calla are some of the flowers that can be kept submerged in water. Remove the leaves that are submerged in water. A teaspoon of glycerine added to the water shall help in increasing the life of the flowers. Use lukewarm water and keep the cut flowers in the vertical position.

9. How to choose the flowers for arrangement: You may choose the flowers based on the colour combination you have in mind, based on the different meanings of the flowers, (fluorography), and based on the flowers you love the most, based on the texture, size, colour and the harmony of the combination of flowers.

10. Use localized flowers: It’s best to use the flowers that are native to your locality; they survive better in your arrangement

11. Suggestions of combination of flowers in the arrangement: Combination of peach, green and white, just peach and green, yellow, white and red, the same colour arrangement like the pure white types, red, yellow and blue together etc.

Flower Jewellery:Flower Jewellery

The beautiful and natural flower patterns in light weight gold and diamonds in various jewellery sets are one of the most famous jewellery trends in 2012. It is also expected to rule the 2013 trends too.

Termwiki refers to flower jewellery as,

“a piece of jewelry that features flower stations or gemstone arrangements designed to resemble a flower”.

Flower jewellery comes in various hues and colours, just like the original flowers; they can either be bought outright or can be made to order in select jewellery show rooms.


Q. Though it’s my passion to buy flowers and decorate my home with flower  Flowersarrangements from time to time, I don’t generally get to buy the flowers of my choice as I live in a semi urban area. How can I go about getting the flowers of my choice?

Simple, really! These days you can order whatever you want from online. There are specialized websites and e-shopping sites that cater to almost all the requirements of the customers. Google and order any number of flowers of your choice and enrich your flower arrangements at home.

Smita’s Advice

A woman can arrange a bunch of flowers far better than a man, sorry folks, because she understands their language, their laughter, their sweetness, their endearing and exceptional qualities. You see, in a way, women are like the flowers too!

Like Gerald De Nerval had said,

“Each flower is a soul opening out to nature.”

How very true?

Smita Recommend


YouTube Preview Image


Types of Flower Arrangement

The Flower Jewelry We Wear

E-Book - Flower Arrangement

Book - Complete Guide To Flower Arranging

Book - Fresh Flower Arranging

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Benefits of Essential Oils

When we receive a bouquet of flowers, while walking in a garden of fresh plants and flowers;
fresh plants
when we are holidaying in the vast mountains and forests and when we spray a wonderful fragrance on our clothes; we unconsciously take a deep breath and immediately feel calm and relaxed with ourselves and feel one with the atmosphere.  That’s the kind of the compulsive natural response our mind has for the aromatics.

Essential oils are observed by our body when we apply it on our skin, inhale through our nose and when take them internally.

For the sensitive skin and the soft nature of a woman, the essential oils are a gift of healing to her heart, emotions, mind and body.

There are a number of plants from which the essential oils are being extracted; some names are worth mentioning:



1. Kitchen Cabinet: Look no further than your vegetable basket, refrigerator and your dry storage mates. Cloves, Ginger, Lemon, Cardamom, Garlic, black pepper, parsley and coriander are right there at your home to provide you relief from various ailments. Add basil, oranges and grapefruits with them. Your mini medicinal cabinet is ready to serve you.

Some of the benefits of these plants are: relief from cold and cough, muscle aches and exhaustion, bronchitis, arthritis and rheumatism, low BP, sprains, indigestion, nausea and appetite loss, skin problems, warts, and much more.

2. Cosmetics Cabinet: Essential Oils made from angelica Root, Bay, Rosewood, German Cosmetics cabinet and Roman Chamomile, Cypress, Galbanum, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Hyssop, Lemon and Lavender etc. are some of the plants whose oils take care of the different problems of your skin, including dryness, itchiness, oily, sensitive or matured skin types. Make a note that not all the oils are effective for all the skin problems.

3. Emotional Cabinet: Our heart and mind holds our emotions and our body react to our various emotions in varied ways. The following essential oils shall help you to keep your emotions in control, to feel calm, relaxed and to feel peaceful.

Women, more than men, go through mood swings, mental fatigue, nervousness, grief, anger, panic, depression and stress due to various reasons at various points of time in their lives. Being sensitive, women are more emotionally vulnerable than men. The healing properties of essential oils shall be useful here as well.

Oils from plants like rosewood, cloves, frankincense, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, rose and rosemary, ylang ylang shall be useful to heal your mind, relax your body, gives happiness and peacefulness to your whole being.

Geranium and Rose helps to ease the menopause related issues.

However, not all the plants are effective to heal all the emotional issues. The details noted here are noted only in general.


Q. I am depressed: How can I go about using these healing oils and in what proportionsAromatherapy massage for my personal use and for my home?

Glad you had asked. The above details are given purely for basic informative purposes only. Just like you are, we are impressed with the effectiveness and the healing properties of these oils and had just wanted to share the knowledge with you.

I would specifically like to advise you to consult a qualified aroma therapist; a qualified doctor with alternative healing specialization with plants or a qualified specialist in essential oil healing; or some one who is qualified for this very purpose for advice on the usage and administration of essential oils.

It is not advisable to self administrator anything that may affect your health and well being without consultation with some one who is a specialist in that field.

Q. How do I use essential oils, and its benefitsessential oils

There are many ways in which you can benefit from essential oils through aromatherapy.

You can apply them externally either by diluting them in a base oil for massage or in water while bathing or bath products. Depending on the type of oil or oil blend you use you can soothe aching muscles, calm frazzled nerves, ease a tension headache or enhance concentration.

You can use them in a diffuser to create a specific mood or atmosphere in a room, clean or disinfect the air or help provide relief from a cold. They are very helpful in de-stressing.


Smita’s Advice

Essential oils possess amazing healing properties on our emotions, mind, and body and on our very core being. They are the true form of alternative healing; organic essential oils are known for very less or nil side effects when compared to the commercial essential oils.


Smita Recommend


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Aromatherapy and Essential Oils



Book –  Essential Oils

Book - The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

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Event Management

Effective managers live in the present but concentrate on the future.Event Management

- James L. Hayes.

Women are the best of managers; look at how they manage their home, their children, their work, their schedules etc.That’s why they are known to be Multitaskers.

They are naturally the best ones to manage the events as well: like party planning, house warming, kitty parties, birth day parties, dinner parties, engagement parties, wedding arrangements, christenings and baby showers etc.

A few general tips to help you on the event management at home.


1. Budgeting: Unless certain specified funds are channelized into the preparation and the execution of the events, you wouldn’t be able to rationalize on the expenses incurred; you may end up spending more money and may feel the pinch later.

2. To Do List: Create the complete list of the requirements for the party; right from the guest list till the gift list to the guests. This will give you a clear cut idea of the things you should be doing and the time frame required for you to do them.

3. Concentrate on the hero of the event: Concentrate on the Hero of the event, ex: Birthday boy or the Engagement girl or To Be Mom’s baby shower. Work around your hero’s tastes, like and dislikes, friends, favourite dishes, favourite music and games etc. The party is because of and for the hero; ensure the star’s happiness.

4. Plan well in advance: For an event to be successful, the event should be planned well in advance, so that there should be no margin for errors and you may have a lot of time to work on.

5. Delegate some work to your family: Do not try to do everything on your own; delegate some work to you family members and let them handle it successfully, well, under your supervision!

6. Decide on the guest list: Your guest list should set the tone of the party. Decide on the guest listWhether only ladies are invited, (Ex: kitty party), whether only youngsters are invited, (Ex: Your son’s birthday) etc. decides on the menu, décor, the type of the music and food etc. Create the list to avoid mismatching of the guests and your preparation. Decide also on the invitation, whether you need to send a formal invitation by an envelope, a simple email, or a phone call etc.

7. Car Parking: Remember to do something about the parking problems. Today, even a 18 year old youngster has got a car and you should arrange for the car parking for your guests, failing which before the party starts, unpleasant feelings shall start.

8. Arrange the caterers: You don’t want to be busy with cooking while the guests are milling around aimlessly all around. Engage caterers and give them the specific time for serving the meals in advance.

9. Arrange for photographer: If it is a small party, you or a family member can take photos of the memory. It the party is big, it’s better for you to arrange a photographer, instruct him on the photographs and leave it at that.

10. Home Beautification: Clean up the home thoroughly a few days before the event, so that your home will look “sweet home” for the guests. Use the essential oils wherever possible to create a relaxed atmosphere in the party.

11. Personal Beautification: A visit to the beauty parlour is a must for you to look dazzling at the party; you are the host and people will look up to you for everything. Let them look up to a beautiful face and a wonderful smile!

12. Set the tables and flowers:Allocate a specific place, the reception or theSet the tables and flowers entertainment room etc, for the event. Set the tables with cutleries and plates; put a small flower vase in the middle. You may even have a centre piece of flowers in the middle of the room, which will look attractive to the guests.

13. Set the Music: Fifteen minutes before the actual party starts, set the music on and let it flow till the last guest take leave of you.

14. Move around: Move all around your guests, exchanging pleasantries with them all; don’t get struck with a small set of people and engage in conversation with them for a long time. A host should move around freely like a butterfly.

15. Serve drinks and snacks: Arrange to serve water, cool drinks and light  Serve drinks and snackssnacks before the actual meals, which would set the mood of the people nicely. There is nothing like a light snacks and cool drinks to pep up the party talks!

Arrange to serve coffee and desserts after meals. Coffee in anyway would be welcome to most people, after meals in a party.

16. Say Bye to your guests with grace: Give a small gift to your guests as a token of your thanks, when they take leave.


Q. Sometimes, despite my best event management, things happen; drinks get spilled or food arrive lukewarm etc. How to control them?

Spilling of water or cool/hot drinks can not be controlled; you may see children and clumsy adults everywhere. Instruct your hired help to take care of the cleaning part immediately.

On the other hand, lukewarm or cold food is a serious matter. Change your caterers for your next party and instruct the new caterers strictly on the importance of serving the food piping hot.

Q Whenever I have party at home, cleaning after the party becomes very difficult. Any quick tips that can help avoiding the mess during the party?

Yes, after party cleaning is a tedious job. Few things you can keep in mind before thecleaning is a tedious job party begins. Put trash can at easy excess to the guest.  Put extra trash bags in your waste basket bottom, then when u empty it u don’t have to make special trip to cabinet to get one to go in there each time u change your trash.

Try keeping food in one single corner. Because that’s where it goes dirty fast. Keep free flow of tissue towels, so that guest doesn’t spoil sofa covers and curtains. Keep good supply of toilet paper and liquid soap in the bathrooms. Keep few dusters handy for unavoidable accidents.


Smita’s Advice

The Event Management needs a lot of preparation and it should be done in a well planned and well executed manner.Don’t forget to throw a party after you go through them…

“Incremental planning and sustained execution can make the insurmountable possible”

- Mr. Prophet

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How to Organize a House Party

How to Organize a Baby Shower

E-Book – Party tips checklist

Book - How to Host the Perfect Party


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How To Decorate Your House

“For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond
Decorate Your House convert a house into a HOME and balance one another.”

– Andre Putman


The Art and science of interior decoration runs in the veins of every single woman in the world; she just needs a bit of a suggestion here and a push of an idea there and am sure, she will become a great success in converting her house into a home!

A few common tips on the interior decoration of your home:


1. DeclutterBefore decorating your interiors, de-clutter your home: though it is elementary, as Sherlock Holmes would have said, it has to be done!

Harden your heart and throw away all the junk that has been accumulated at your home for eons now. Throw away ALL your old and unused stuff. Give it to a charity. You will be blessed!

2. Clean upClean up your entire house, room by room, wall by wall and inch by inch; include
your curtains, blinds, windows, carpets, furniture, library, medical cabinets and cupboards and even under the beds; just clean up the whole nine yards!

3. Planning and BudgetingNow that your junk has been lifted and the home is sparkling, it is time to sit down and draft up the interior decoration plan. The plan of course, depends up on your budgetary allocation. The more the budget, the more you may be able to spend on your interior beautification.

4. Decorating Choices: There are so many ways by which you may decorate your home: Decorating Choicesyou may choose to decorate each room on the basis of a theme or on the basis of a focal point, to start with.

Theme based Interiors:

Let’s go with the theme based interior decoration. You may decorate every room on the basis of different colour combinations or on the basis of different styles, like traditional, country and retro style, contemporary, spacious, arts and crafts and in different country styles, the most famous being Italian and French ones!

5. Walls: After the theme and style has been chosen, you should choose the method of decoration for the walls; wall painting, wall papers or even vertical gardening on one entire wall!

Base mantra for paints: small rooms, light hues and large rooms, dark hues, simplicity itself. Sherlock Holmes again!

Light hues make the room looks more spacious. If you would be using two or more colours in a room, you should make sure that they belong to the same colour family, like blue and pale green.

You may even choose wall murals for an entire wall which will look amazing. You should hang the wall arts and other hangings at your eye level.

6. Windows: Do you have decorative windows at your house? (Like bay windows or octagon), be blessed and let them maintain their individuality! Add some greenery around the windows and add some lovely decorative furniture close to the windows facing the sunshine. Add a small rack for magazines for reading during the day time and a lamp for the night; am sure, the place may soon become your favorite haunt!

For other windows which may need curtains, you should choose the curtain colors in sync with the color theme and the style of the room.

For a small room without a view, use a number of mirrors to reflect the room light to give an illumination of brightness and space to the room.

7. Floors: Use tapestry, carpets and rugs in the appropriate places for good looks and maintenance of the floors. Clean the nooks and corners of the floors, tiles, linoleum, carpets and rugs regularly for maintaining the sparkling look on your floors.

Tips for individual rooms:

1. Living Room: Do you have decorative knick knacks, a lot of books, and quite a few
Bedroom family photos? Well, display them all in an imaginative combination in your library at the front room. Don’t have a library racks? You should get some.

2. Bed Rooms: A day of hard work, traffic jams, projects and meets, family requirements and worries comes to a conclusion at night right at the bed room: make it the most relaxing, peaceful, calm and romantic place at your house. Spend lavishly and get the most comfortable bedding for complete relaxation. Add décor in terms of candles, mirrors and stuff like.

3. Children’s Rooms: Do you ever watch, “Extreme Make Over: Home Edition”, a reality show on home improvement for the less fortunate people? (BBC Entertainment)  The episodes are worth watching in anyway! They will also give you plenty of ideas on the decoration aspect of your children’s rooms and your home in general.

As you know your children’s interests and favourites, make the thing they like the most as the central theme of your children’s rooms. If your child loves forest, bring in the cut outs or wall pieces relating to animals. Paint a mural on trees, birds and animals. Paste a wall paper with the forest theme. Let the interest of your child decides on the décor of their room.

4. Dinning Room: This is where the family gets their energy and nourishment to tackle their entire day. Decorate this room with lovely chandelier. Add some pieces of fancy and soft lights.
BathroomLet the walls be adorned with rich wall paper or be painted with floral and light colours for peace and relaxation.

5. Kitchen: The kitchen is one of the most significant room in a home. Decorate the cabinet tops with decorative china, vases and other suitable knick knacks. Let your counter tops and appliances
shines. Keep the kitchen always clean and disinfected.

6. Bathrooms: The shower curtains, windows and rugs should be kept completely clean. Perfumed candles may be added to the master bath and decorative toys and accessories can be added to children’s baths.


Q. I had always wanted to do interior decoration for my home, but I am afraid to indulge in that dream due to financial issues. Do I need to spend a lot of money on house beautification?

 Not necessarily! All the things, whether it is the furniture, paints, different types of flooring, wall hanging etc. comes with various price tags, suitable for all packets.

You shop for the items that suit your budget. The same house can be decorated at a minimum expense or in multi million dollars.

Q. How can I cut down on multiples in my kitchen?

It is crucial to keep Kitchen well organised and clutter-free, so you can handle the stress that can accompany cooking.Most kitchen end up storing large bowls and gadgets that are bought from the trips abroad and are rarely used. If you find not using them for over a year, give them away or transfer them to another storage area.Best way to de-clutter is to get rid of multiples of things as you are just hoarding them.

Smita’s Advice

Decorating is not about making stage sets

Go wild with imagination; create beautiful space in the living room, relaxed atmosphere in your bed room and peacefulness in your dinning room. Let your creativity touches all parts of your house, thereby converting it into your HOME!

“Decorating is not about making stage sets, it’s not about making pretty pictures for the magazines; it’s really about creating a quality of life, a beauty that nourishes the soul”.

- Albert Hadley, The Story of America’s Preeminent Interior Designer


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Managing Moods and Emotions

Managing your emotions is an inside job. That’s why it’s important to learn techniques to make attitudeManaging Moods and Emotions adjustments. You can then direct your emotions more efficiently. Happiness comes through emotions qualified by the heart”.

- Doc Childre and Howard Martin.

 Wonderful, isn’t it?

You can scale the highest mountains, dip into the deepest oceans, can travel towards the farthest distance and can even locate the God Particle! But still, it is difficult to control one’s own inner mechanism.

Most people flare up like the heads of the match sticks: a bit of an emotional fracture, they go all out to get the others. The regular tussle in the family, scuffle among friends and colleagues, road rage and frowning faces all over the place are some samples of our emotionally vulnerable minds and the wounded thought process.

It hurts to see people getting hurt like this! It of course, is not easy to control the mind and emotions. If it can be done, we don’t need spiritual leaders and millions of inspirational literature to guide us through the life.

Well, it’s not that difficult either! The following are some of the tips that could help you to calm down the mind and the emotions. It also may help you in dealing with people and the situations with more maturity and understanding:


1. Spilt Milk: The worst form of an emotional imbalance happens when we cry over the spilt Spilt Milkmilk time and again. Something bad happens and we get hurt badly. When we think about it time and again, our hurt remains intact. It just doesn’t go away. In that case, we need to take help from the outside. The help could be in the form of counseling from a qualified doctor, or it could be in the form of confiding with a trustworthy person.

2. Regrets: Exorcise the “Regret Ghosts” from the mind. We all regret about having done something wrong or having not done something at all, which could have been a step stone to our relationship, career or our future.  We should firmly understand that regrets wouldn’t bring back what we had not done or done so wrongly. Whatever has happened has happened in the past and we should move on with the present now.

3. EFT: There is a wonderful method of healing called as the “Emotional Freedom Technique” which works nicely without side-effects, as per the website. EFT is a form of emotional healing simply by tapping on selected points on your upper body. EFT heals and comforts the mind, emotions and the body.

4. Forgiveness: Forgiving people who has hurt you is another way of healing your inner engineering. ForgivenessForgiving others set you free from their mental bonding. If you think of someone means you are in some way bonded to that someone isn’t it? 

Like Oscar Wilde said,

“Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.”

5. PPT: We all have heard of the “power of positive thinking”. Positive thinking can eliminate all the uncertainties and the negativism out of our minds. Think good, think positive and think right!

6. Just Relax: Getting into a regular habit of doing visualization, meditation, yoga, pranayam (deep breathing) and other relaxation techniques shall work a long way in healing, repairing and managing your mind and emotional well being.

7. Positive Words: When you are upset about something, which happen to us all, start writing the positive words like healing, amazing, spectacular, wonderful, astounding, relaxing, love, hugs etc for ten minutes. You see, the positive words have a way with our minds. It works for me.

8. Listen to soft music. There is something wonderful about listening to the soft music, listening to the raindrops, breathing in on the fresh earth when the first few thousands drops fall on them, thinking about wonderful things that has happened to you in the past, appreciation from someone, heartfelt thanks from someone else….managing the inner being is not so tough as it feels sometimes.


Q Its easy for me to be in a bad mood. How can I manage my mood swings

There are lot of things that follow mood swings like irritability, restlessness,depression, fatigue and insomnia. Try and understand the triggers of your bad mood. Stay away from those triggers. Eat and sleep well, do meditation, do breathing exercise, stay with happy and positive people.

Q I break up easily into tears. How can I become stronger and manage my emotional health.

Its ok to cry sometimes, but not always. Crying too much is certainly not healthy. It means the source of problem is coming from within. Stay confident and don’t let your emotional side control each and every situation. Believing in yourself will help you from emotional outburst. Act fearless. Live in now. Don’t worry for future. Always think positive and stay optimistic. Learn from your past mistakes and try not to repeat them.
“When the world says, ‘Give up,’ Hope whispers, ‘Try it one more time.’”

Smita’s Advice

We all have come a long way in life, crossing so many hurdles, hurts and unwanted happenings. We are still alive and are doing fine. You see, the mind has ways and means of healing on its own. We just need to help it to heal us faster.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to think like Oscar Wilde?

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”

So be it!

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 Managing Moods & Emotions

How to Control Your Emotions

E-Book -How to Manage Your Mood

E-Book – Mood Management

Book – Managing Your Moods

Book – Managing Your Emotions

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The Secret of Family Happiness

Relationships are those delicate threads that hold us together and give us a profound sense of belonging. The Secret of Family HappinessOur existence is a product of our desire to associate with other human beings. We thrive as a part of a community but wither away in solitude. This need for compassion and to be loved by others gave birth to the concept of families.

We all depend on our loved ones to fulfill our emotional needs and this is what makes the bond between family members grow stronger. But being relatives is not enough; family is a seed that needs constant nurturing and care. Feelings like love, trust and camaraderie makes family a very special unit.

Having discussed why family is so important to all of us, let’s look at how we can successfully maintain our family ties.


1. Patience: An important ingredient to maintain family relations is to possess the virtue of patience.Patience Lot of people underestimate the value of this quality but patience is an effective tool in maintaining peaceful and loving relationships between family members. The art of listening to another and resolving issues with composure will lead to trust and long lasting friendship between people.

2. Anger Management: Sometimes it’s easy to loose your temper when faced with difficult situations and usually family members endure the brunt of this anger. But rather than judging the person and confronting them, it is better to give them space and time to come out of their sullen mood. After the person has calmed down, speak with them and ask them what the problem is. A calm mind will always be able to see reason clearly and make sound judgements.

3. Realistic Expectations: Most often we become embittered or cynical in relationships because our expectations are not fulfilled. We should remember that we are all human and we can’t always live up to other peoples’ hopes. Hence, each one us should keep realistic expectations from one another. It is always better to communicate honestly with each other and express your feelings, sometimes your relatives maybe clueless of what you anticipate from them. An open and honest relationship always breeds faith in people.

4. Respect: One of the most winning traits in a relationship is giving respect to each other. We tend to understate the scope of respect and think it’s only reserved for the elderly. But this is not true; respect is a feeling that should be mutually shared by every family member, whether old or young.


Q. How can I deal with a family member that doesn’t understand my point of view?Shapes our character

Clear communication is the best way to approach a problem. An open dialogue will help you clear the air.

Q. My younger child feels that his older sibling gets more attention from me, how can I change his perceptions?
Sibling rivalry is an age old challenge that parents often have to deal with. The most important thing is to constantly offer your child a sense of security and show him that this feelings count too.

Q. My husband doesn’t tend to pay heed to my emotional needs, how can make him understand?
First try winning his confidence by being there for him when he needs you and then slowly get him to reciprocate the same back to you.

Q. My father loses his temper too quickly, this has hampered our family life, how can I get him to stop?
Approach him when he is calm and share with him how you feel when he is angry, make him see how it is negatively affecting your family life. Advise him that for everyone’s betterment, he should control his anger and resolve problems by sharing it with his family members.

Smita’s Advice

A strong family is the foundation of a well balanced society and each of us play our part in building this social order.

A family is a precious entity. It defines who we are and shapes our character. Always love your family unconditionally because it is the root of your existence.

“When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching — they are your family. ”
Jim Butcher

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YouTube Preview Image


The EIGHT SECRETS To Family Happiness

The Secret to Making Family Relationships Strong and Normal

E-Book – The Secret of a Happy Home

E-Book -  Building Family Relationships

Book – Family Secrets – The Path to Self-Acceptance and Reunion

Book – Bradshaw On: The Family: A New Way of Creating Solid Self-Esteem

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The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul.Gardening

- Alfred Austin

A woman would love to plant, nurture and nourish a plant, because it is in her basic nature to do so. That’s what she does by the end of the day, that is, to nurture and nourish, whether she is the CEO of a corporate or a Prime Minister of a country. Unconsciously she takes on her first role of being a daughter, wife, mother and grand mom very seriously, despite her varied roles in the outside world!

Whether you have a huge space around your home or you live in an apartment and may just use a balcony, a place below your staircase or just your window sills for gardening; doesn’t matter, you can become a gardener!

A few general tips to help you gardening at your home and in your containers:


1. Choose your container(s): To start with, you need a container to hold the soil and the

plant: you may use a pot, a plastic container, half cut old tyre tube, bucket, old paint tins, old food cans, wire baskets, laundry baskets, wash tubs etc; or you may buy from a nearby farm a variety of pots in various heights and colors at your choice and at interesting colour combinations.

2. Choose your soil: You can use soil from around your home or may scoop up some soil out of a nearby park as well (if possible) or you could straightaway buy soil from you farm or the stores meant for them.

If you take your home gardening seriously, get your soil mixed with peat moss, composite and old manure, so that you will start your plantation with the nutritional base. Good potting soil is the basis of good plants.

3. Drainage of Water: Your container should have the facility for drainage of water, whether you use containers from home or buy them from a farm.

4. Fertilizers and Pesticides: There are different varieties of fertilizers and pesticides available
basic gardening tipsfor different type of plants. The same set of fertilizers and pesticides can not generally be used for all the plants.

The quantity, the components and the frequency of the usage of fertilizers and pesticides varies mostly from plant to plant. Ex: While spinach needs fertilizer only at the time of planting, onions needs fertilizers once a year and most of the other vegetables needs once in three weeks. Hence, when you start your gardening, it’s better to start with a sound knowledge about the plants.

5. Do Basic Research: Google around the Google, read some gardening books, talk to your family, friends and neighbours and talk to your farm people or a gardener on the plants that are suitable for your home or the plants which you would like to plant around your home.

It would be better if you learn the basics of their growth, their water, fertilizer and pesticides frequency and the time of their output; you should also take into account your convenience and your availability to take enough care of them. If you are going to choose some plants which need a lot of your attention, which you may not be able to provide, you may rather choose another set of plants that needs less attention from you for their growth.

6. Watering the plants:  The best time for watering the indoor plants is in the morning hours. The more the plants grow, the more frequency of watering has to be done. Frequently look at the soil for dryness ra
Drainage of Waterther than allowing the leaves to get wilted before you water them.  Always water and use the fertilizer at the base of the plants and not all over the plant. This shall help in avoiding the fungus problem.

7. Wind and Sun Shine: Your plants need sunshine and breeze; more or less depends upon the type of your plants.

8. Easy to grow container vegetables: Some of the easy to grow vegetables in containers are tomato, cucumber, green beans and carrots.

9. Easy to grow container flowers: Some of the best flowers for containers are Geraniums, purple fountain grass, Petunia, Impatiens

10. Best herbs for containers: Some of the best herbs for containers are Mint, Rosemary and Thyme.

11. Perennial plants: Some of the perennial plants in the containers are Golden Creeping Jenny, Blue star Juniper and Golden Sword Yukka and Green Mountain Boxwood.

12. Vertical gardening: If you have hardly any space for pots and containers, you may still grow your garden, but in a vertical form.Vertical gardening

You may grow fruits, vegetables and flowers in vertical garden.

Such plants grow and spiral upwards using walls, arches, columns, artificial structures etc

Some of the plants and vegetables that are suitable for vertical gardening are tomato, melon, cucumber, philodendrons, ivies, ferns, bromeliads, hoyas and begonias.


Q. What is the major advantage of the indoor vertical gardening? vertical gardening

For one, it’s a living, breathing green wall within your home.  It just looks amazingly lovely when compared to your pots and containers. As the water drains quickly because of the hanging nature of this garden, they are easy to create, easy to maintain and difficult for the pests and fungus to hang on to them.

Well, whether it is container gardening or vertical gardening, the beauty of your garden should compensate for the lack of space around your house for the real garden. The greenery and colors are good for your eyes and you feel one with the nature. Above all, gardening is one of the most relaxing hobbies for a woman.

Smita’s Advice

Gardening is like a poem; the Sun, the wonderful smile of the freshly watered soil, the green plant and the output; whether it is just the colorful leaves,flowers, fruits or vegetables. It’s just a poem. Instead of getting to read the poem, you are creating a poem, that’s the difference!

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.

-      Marcus Tullius Cicero

 The Gospel Truth!

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The 7 Habits of Successful Gardeners

E-Book – Got Dirt

 Book - A Basic Guide to Organic Gardening

Book - Basic Gardening

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