About 64 kalas

“You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into  training, grooming and encouraging your greatest asset.”

-Tom  Hopkins

Set long before the origin of the concepts of grooming and  etiquette, the 64 kalas or arts of ancient India, aimed at the development of  the three-prongs of a woman – mind, body and soul.

Learning these arts helps a woman to become more artistic and  imaginative in various ways and thus making her more complete. It leads to the  inculcation of cultural sensitivity through awareness of an ancient Indian  legacy of cultural64 arts leading to a complete woman holism.

However, with evolution in our lifestyle and outlook, these arts  are not suitable to be taught or learnt in the original ancient form. In fact,  some of the original 64 kalas have no practical application in our modern life.  They must be altered, adapted and evolve, as all things must, to stay  contemporary and relevant.

Hence, this is our attempt to re-interpret and revisit the  original ancient 64 kalas of India as an inspiration and present to you the  modern 64 Kalas which are a must have for any woman, who wants to be a complete  woman.

This initiative will be a collaborative one, and I invite you to  write to me, if you are interested in contributing to any of the modern 64 kalas.

 Yours truly,


Smita M. Agarwal







Smita M. Agarwal